Agriturismo Pereti

Our farm, called AGRITURISMO PERETI is ideal for people looking for a change and wanting to immerse in nature. Tuscany is known for its countryside, and we are fortunate to live in such an unspoiled environment. We built alternative structures on our property, and some maybe be open to our volunteers to stay there.

We are an easy going family with two children, one dog, one cat, and 30 or so chickens. Our setting is very very rural and far from the city buzz. If you are a city boy/girl, you will not find the comfort of the city life. The closest village is 5 K away. The closest big city 30 K away. The closest village is 5 K away.

We are a bit different. We like yoga, meditation, walks in nature, biking (mostly Gaia and the kids). We enjoy socializing, but we also cherish (and respect) quiet time and privacy. Both for ourselves and for others.

Our volunteers are not professionals, so we understand that there will be learning curve to understand all the tasks. Our volunteers are treated with kindness and respect. We understand that this is not a paid position. We love meeting young people who are full of enthusiasm, eagerness to learn new things and making new, perhaps life lasting connections.

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This was my first volunteering experience and it couldn’t be better. All the tasks were very well explained and Gaia had a lot of patience for us during the learning process. It was the perfect opportunity to ground myself and immerse into nature. The family was very welcoming and always made sure we were ok. A very fun and enriching experience that I feel honoured to have experienced.

2 days ago

United Kingdom


Had a wonderful time with Gaia and family. The work was super diverse and interesting, Gaia was very patient and thorough explaining the tasks which was really appreciated. We had fun involving the kids with the work and exploring the local area with the family and by ourselves.

11 days ago

Netherlands Antilles


Had the amazing opportunity to spend a month at this beautiful and remote placement where the hosts are incredibly welcoming. My girlfriend and I stayed in the dome at Pereti where our tasks were mostly gardening and woodworking. (currently building a treehouse) It was a ton of fun! I, didn’t have any experience in gardening and anything related to carpentry. Gaia was super patient in explaining everything clearly and showing us how to safely use the tools and materials. He’s incredibly kind, very understanding and flexible. Would definitely recommend this to everyone 10/10 thanks so much! <3

12 days ago



This was a wonderful and unforgettable experience, I recommend it 100%
Gaia and his family welcome us with kindness, their children are full of energy and joy, and we had a great time with them.

The place is beautiful, it is located between two small towns that you can visit walking.

The work is not difficult and Gaia is flexible with the tasks and the schedule. He always makes sure that you are comfortable with the work and if you don't know how to do something, he teaches you patiently.
I discovered incredible places and learned new things. Thank you for everything Gaia and family 😄

about 1 month ago



My stay at Agriturismo Pereti couldn’t be more wonderful. The work wasn’t hard, but you have to keep in mind that it can sometimes be physically challenging when it comes to the repair and construction. The schedule is very flexible and you can arrange it for your own needs. The place is stunning, you can go on hikes around the place and visit some of the nearby towns in your free time. I only have gratitude for Gaia and his family for their kindness and making us part of their family for the time we stayed there.

about 1 month ago

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