Åkersjöns camping

We live in the last wilderness of Jämtland, Sweden. Here you have real silence and possibility to think over things. Wonderfull nature, and in the wintertime the northern lights. You will have a lot of free time when you're not working. During free time, you can discover the beautiful nature or read a book, or watch a movie inside. You only have to work in the weekends or during the holidays every day.

We are a Dutch family and we have two campsites and a hotel. One of the campsites, in Jämtland, is open the whole year. We have a lot of experience with volunteers from different countries. We offer a place where you can live, together with some others, and 3 meals a day. We try to give you an unforgettable winter. There is awesome nature to explore with cross country skies, and ice fishing, we can take you on a snowmobile tour in the amazing surroundings. You don't come to our place for a nightlife, you won't find it here.

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