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Welcome at my home. I'm Alexander a stonemason, living in Baden-Würtemberg, a county of Germany. My farmhouse is located in a little village called Heuchlingen, here people speak "Schwäbisch" Dialekt. Heuchlingen is a lovely little village, surrounded by breathtaking nature, hills, forrests and farms. Nearby you can find lakes, old roman paths and over 40 old castles, an old Staufercity, named "Schwäbisch Gmünd", where emperor Barbarossa lived and Stuttgart is just 50 km. away. As your host I can offer you a bed or a couch and 3 times a day meals. I love to spend time with my volunteers and work with them together. At the weekends we can also hang out together and visit historical places or events, Because of my special diet, a glutamat and histamin intolerance, I have to be careful about my food. I have a list of ingredients, which I am not allowed to eat, so you will have to take a look at it, if you come for a cooking job or if you're cooking for everyone ... I really enjoy food and love to taste different and new dishes, so please come and let#s enjoy food together. I expect individual skills from my volunteers, like for example cooking with seasonal vegatables from my own garden, gardening, painting, restauration of the old part of the house-which I am changing to a summer hostel, collecting apples, repairs of bicycles ... Cleaning the area around the house from leafs and acorns... I have many projects which can be worked on, as soon as the people with the rhight skills are here. In autaumn we collect also apples and bring them to a juice factory-"Mosterei", where they get squized to tasty Apple juice that we can enjoy every day. Durring the winter season my official work will rest and we can work on hard projects together, like building something with concrete, wood, stones, clay, plaster ... clean the forrest from fallen trees and other hard work. In spring we will have more projects around gardening . I also want to build a shower and toilet outside which is kompostable, if you have any knowledge about that, please let me know. In summer you will help me with the guests in the hostel, clean the house and the garden, harvest vegetable and cook for everyone.

In my house, I live mostly with one or two guests, which are renting the rooms. Under the roof is the male volunteer room, in the 2nd floor the female volunteer room, although we sometimes have to change it to a mixed dorm. The other half of the house belongs to my mother and brother, you wont see them often. My mother speaks her mothertongue, which is "Schwäbisch" and very difficult to understand. But I can speak understandable Hoch-Deutsch and also a beginner English. After first contact we can talk about your skills and your work here. A 7000 m² area belongs to my house, we will take care of it, and make new ideas come true. While some projects started and only wait to continue, others will have to start new. More then 200 volunteers came in the last 4 years to help me. Welcome at my home !!!


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Alexander ist a friendly host with a big heart. Although he never traveled much and despite of the German nature to not trust a foreigner, he invites people from all over the world to join him at his home and guesthouse and to help him with different tasks in his house. The most important task hereby is cooking for him (special diet, but easy to follow the "plan" of does and don't) and other volunteers. Because Alex has many different plans in order to fulfill his life, he gives people different tasks, fitting to their skills and possibilities. Thanks for the great experience.

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10 days ago

Costa Rica

The work is easy, the place is nice, a lot of food always, I couldn't stay as I expected because I found other opportunity. A little difficult to get around if you want to travel around a get to see new things.

14 days ago


Alex was overall a nice person with a very big heart to open up for all the guests! It was a pity that during my stay there, he was busy with the other job and couldn’t have explained all the details to us which led to some mistakes sometimes... but luckily everything could be fixed in the end! I enjoyed my stay there with the other volunteers! It was so fun to share different cultures and try different things together!

about 1 month ago


Everyone there it’s amazing! The place it’s good! This experience its is to know more people! Everything there it’s wonderful, there are a lots of apples and apple juice ! I will love to be back there !

about 1 month ago

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