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We are typical german area "Schwäbisch" Dialekt. I am a host like to share time with you and sometimes we are work together. We are looking to some events and traditional here around and visit them. Also I know to cook and clean, gardening, cook from gardenvegatable, woodofen, barbecue. At autum we want collect apple to give to a "Mosterei" for to have the own applejuice . . . that we drink every day. Here is natur around, silence, farms and villagefeeling. But also old history limes from roman empire, schwäbisch Gmünd a old 1161 Staufercity "Barbarossa" and old buildings and churches. Here around are 40 castels also. There are some lake to swim and a bath in 4 km far away. And when you are good in artist painting and we have time and volunteers then help me to make it more beauty! I am know also sculpture in wood and stone to do ore in clay and plaster!

Here in my house is a roommate , at other house live my brother and my mother. My mothertongue is "Schwäbisch" but also I know to speak good German and english is also good enough to explain. I am explain what is the plan to work and we speak about what time is for you perfect to help me. Also what you like to do ore what you know to do. And from that we find your perfect work. Around my house are 7000 m² area we take care and make new idea. Some project runing and we need only to continou and some we start new. Here was before you more then 200 volunteers in 4 years helped me.

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I really enjoyed having the opportunity of helping Alex, he is so nice and he really enjoy to learn about all the cultures that he receive. The work is easy and he teach you every time he has the opportunity. It is a peaceful place to spend time.

12 days ago

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Staying at Alexander's was one of the best stays I had as a volunteer. This was a very good experience although it was my first I enjoyed it to the max.

29 days ago


Stay with Alex in the Strawhotel for sure is one of the best experiences I have in my life, the work is very easy and knowledge, Alex explain why plans do kind of things, in the kitchen you learn how to use many spices from all around the world, he accepted different cultures and only ask to respect the house rules, that are more than fares.

For sure is not a place to party and that what makes the place even better, is a place to learn about culture, plants and history. That is the best school you can find.

about 1 month ago


Alexander is a good person that is really interested in getting to know new people and has an amazing home with eco friendly system!
It’s not really a guest hous, but a farm with crops and a beautiful scenery. You’ll get to work at the farm, have meals together and sometimes go out on the weekends for cool activities. Alexander was very considerate of my back problems and always tried to give everyone work that suits them.
Would definitely recommend (:

about 1 month ago


Alexander is a great company, it was great to be able to work with him and share so many stories and recipes. The work follows the hours and all the information in the job description. I learned a lot and hope to be able to come back at another opportunity! Super recommend it! Viellen Dank für alles!!! :D

2 months ago

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