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Worldpackers from all over the world please do not go to this place! the owner, Arla, is a completely selfish person with a total lack of empathy towards others. She never explained anything to me about the place or my homework. The hostel has water only a few hours per day, so you can never bathe or use the kitchen at the time you need it. I do not want another worldpacker to go through the same terrible situation that I went through, if anyone needs more information about this terrible place just write me. 0% recommended!

about 1 month ago

Arla replied

You are the one who lack empathy!


They meet everything is write in their profile, the shift is easy and the owners are relax and easy going, is a really good place to relax and take a rest in your trip to continue later full of energy, the location is really good in the city center and also in a quiet street with street markets.

2 months ago


Volunteering for the all stars hostel was a lovely experience!! Arla and her father are very kind people and also very easy going. The tasks are very simple, you basically just need to stay in the reception for five hours per day and you also have two days off per week, exactly as it's described in the profile!! Tirana is also a beautiful city, with a very busy nightlife, super friendly people and unbelievably cheap prices! if your traveling to Tirana, ill definitely recommend you to volunteering for the All stars Hostel!! Thanks Arla for all your help and kindness !!

5 months ago


To work in Tirana was a great experience! Arla, her father and Zana are kind and helpful people. The job is pretty easy and Arla was always very fast to answer questions even she was not around all the time. The beds are very comfy and the hostel has a rooftop (simple but big) where I could practice some yoga and to chill. The location is very good and there is a market on the street where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits for cheap price.
Also she helped me a lot being a friend after some problems that I had in the south.
Thank you Arla for these days! I’m glad and thankful to you!

5 months ago