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Welcome to Alma Mactzil, a conscious community and retreat center surrounded by nature's beauty, on the outskirts of Tacaná Volcano in Tapachula, Chiapas, México. We hold sacred space for spiritual practices, ceremonies, traditional medicine and co-creation, through conscious community living.

This style of living gives people the ability to self explore, heal, transform and grow. "Alma" means "Soul" in Spanish, and "Mactzil" means "Miracle" in Mayan. Our mission is to help as many beings as possible find their miracle from within.

Our hope is that people come to Alma Mactzil as a mutually beneficial energy exchange, leaving behind worries and self doubt. To free the mind, body and spirit with vegetarian diet, sharing in sacred healing practices, all while contributing, living consciously and acknowledging that we are all part of a Divine plan.

We welcome you at any step of your process, to come step into your power and help co-create this sanctuary. Come show us your skills, and learn from others.

My name is Lorena, and I am the founder of Alma Mactzil. I am 30 years old, born and raised in Tapachula, Chiapas, México. I consider myself a free spirit who observes life with curiosity, compassion and genuine interest. Some of my "highlighted blueprints" are that I am a 5/2 mental projector in the Human Design experiment; a Sun in Leo in the 11th house (house of community); and a Tijax, the nawal of the holy warrior and healer in the Mayan cosmovision. Yet truly the question that I have been enjoying to grasp and take into my heart is... WHO AM I! ? Since this question has no answer, who we really are is beyond concepts, ideas or mental definitions. Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to live in different conscious communities in different countries, studying with passion and depth for more than 10 years on my own journey of self-discovery. It is my mission to bring what I have learned to this magical center here and empower my community and those who visit us here. I´m coming out of a 1 year “spiritual winter” where I took the time and space to focus on my very own healing. I was hosting retreats for the past 3 years and burnt out. I developed a cyst on my right ovary and was told I needed surgery. Luckily I found Tobacco and Master Plants! I just came back from Peru where I was dieting with Master Plant Allies. I completed my maestria as a Tabaquera Curandera under the Mamancunawa lineage and now it is my hope to start sharing Master Plant Diets into my center. I offer 3 day silent retreats on the New moon + Full moon weekends and also facilitate the Transformation Game on the weekends when not in silence. I'm a Biofeedback therapist and my bookings run from Monday - Thursday I SO enjoy getting to know new people, cultures and sharing deep conversations. I also really respect and value my alone time in the early morning and my early sleep. Living communally can be wonderful and it can occasionally be challenging. Having hosted many people and groups in the past 4 years, learning from different experiences and dynamics that turned volunteering into voluntourism, I must admit I value quality over quantity. There are other people joining the space over the weekends for silent retreats, master plant diets or transformation games, so there is plenty of opportunity for meeting new people. The maximum number of guests is 8, having a 4 bed dormitory and 4 single bedrooms. I currently open the space for up to 4 people simultaneously, each with their own private space, to come, live and play with me. The workload is 15 hours a week / 2 days off. You are welcome to join the silent retreats or the transformation games. The help needed is basically to help prepare for the weekend retreats and to keep the space clean over the week. Volunteers play a crucial role in the space as they are the ones who create the community atmosphere. They welcome visitors, support special events, beautify our gardens, create content for social media and much more. We are currently looking for help in the following positions: CLEANING CREW - General cleaning and housekeeping. SOCIAL MEDIA/MKT GURU - Updating social media, creating content and coordinating ad campaigns. GARDENING - Watering the plants, compost treatment, planting new trees, growing sprouts. GENERAL HELP - Lend a hand where it is needed, pay attention to what needs doing and take initiative. More than a volunteer position, Alma Mactzil offers the opportunity to self-explore, heal, transform, and grow through community living. We strive for integrity with ourselves and one another, trying to make space for healthier forms of conflict, play, silliness, and grief. We also really respect our alone time. We split costs for food, utilities & household goods. We have a variety of dietary preferences and restrictions that are happily accommodated. We usually cook vegetarian/vegan We’re looking for people who work to be good, compassionate communicators, and who know how to resolve conflicts gracefully when necessary. We meet weekly for a community sharing circle. We are looking for community members who feel aligned with our values and are inspired by the ideals of communal living, and who will stick around when it’s time to do the dishes. At the same time, we respect everyone's need for rest and personal space. We always encourage you to take care of yourself, so that you can show up for the community as your best self. You don't have to be a spiritual guru to be a part of our family. We welcome you at any step of your process.


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Alma Mactzil is a wonderful place! A few words to describe the place: peace, love, growing, friends, learning, rest, nature and connecting. I had a great amazing time here and would 100% recommend to go. Much love!

over 1 year ago

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