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Alvaret Hotel & Hostel has 9 rooms, We are located in the little village of Löttorp. We have rental bikes and serves a organic breakfast buffét in the summer months. We are a relaxed and social hotel & hostel with a good quality standard. The hotel place was renovated and restored 2016. We are also a pet friendly place so expect some wagging tails! everything here is about nature and the nearest city is over 1 hour away so be prepared to stay in the country side. I got lots of experience for running my own place by volunteering and I am happy to teach you how to run a small hotel, if you are interested.

We treat our volunteers as good old friends. I am a 34 yo easy going traveller who used live in Australia for a few years before we came back home to Sweden. We have a friendly dog named Lily and 12 chickens. there is a second hostel down the road that also takes volunteers and we hang out all together sometimes. If you feel social you can take a bike and go around to beaches and forrestes. Lots of deers and other animals on the island. The work is mostly cleaning rooms and I expect you to do it good since we are a hotel, dont worry I will teach you and it will be a great experience to acctually know how to clean in a fast way. nobody likes cleaning that much right? we also take turns serving breakfast and taking care of guests plus some other small things that needs done. we eat mostly vegetarian, sometimes chicken or fish but no red meat. you are welcome to buy and eat what you want ofcourse if so. we cook and eat mostly together and hang out in the evenings, perhaps drinking a beer on the beach :) Welcome to our family.


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Stayed at Alvaret for one week that ended being two an a half!
Beautiful town and even better people I found in there... The tasks easy do but the main part is that you learn up a new job, how an hostel/hotel works and all duties done there.
The host was like being with your own family, really make you feel at home from day 1.
Also take us visiting the island and all the good places in it.
As my first experience as worldpackers I am extremely happy and hope one day I'll came back!!.
HIGHLY recomended to anyone that wanna expend some great time in this gorgeous land by the cost and nature




I left Alvaret just this morning after 2 months, and I can only say that I had been at home. Sofie is an amazing person, and I'm proud to say that she is my friend now. It was not easy to leave, but I'm sure i'm gonna go there again some time. Thank you so much!


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I really can't imagine a better first WorldPacker experience! From the very beginning, Sofie was extremely helpful in answering my questions regarding the hostel and traveling there. The island is absolutely incredible and the other volunteers were always wanting to explore it together. There are countless gorgeous beaches, forests, and biking trails all around! Alvaret itself is such a stylish and clean hostel, and the work isn't difficult at all. It's located right across the bus station, supermarket, stores, and other restaurants. I was supposed to stay 3 weeks, but ended up extending! :)




Can't ask for a better place for my first worldpacker experience! Sofie is one of the nicest people one will ever meet, Lily the dog is adorable. Work is super duper easy, even the busiest day was not close to bad. Generally keeping the hotel clean and tidy. You get to socialize a lot with Sofie and visitors from everywhere, as well as fellow worldpackers. Be aware of managing your free time well cuz even you have lots of em, the island is magnificent and you will never have enough. If you love sun and beaches with a laid-back and chill life, this is definitely your top choice! DO NOT HESITATE


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Alvaret was amazing! Sofie's made from the best stuff on earth. She went out of her way to make sure we were having a good time and got to have all the experiences we wanted. The hours were never too much, the locals a friendly and genuine, the island is absolutely beautiful. I couldn't imagine a more perfect way to end my trip then right here at Alvaret making firends, drinking beer, and helping FiFi take care of her hotel! 10/10!


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