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Alvaret Hotel & Hostel has 9 rooms, We are located in the little village of Löttorp. We have rental bikes and serves a organic breakfast buffét in the summer months. We are a relaxed and social hotel & hostel with a good quality standard. The hotel place was renovated and restored 2016. We are also a pet friendly place so expect some wagging tails! everything here is about nature and the nearest city is over 1 hour away so be prepared to stay in the country side. I got lots of experience for running my own place by volunteering and I am happy to teach you how to run a small hotel, if you are interested.

We treat our volunteers as good old friends. I am a 34 yo easy going traveller who used live in Australia for a few years before we came back home to Sweden. We have a friendly dog named Lily and 12 chickens. there is a second hostel down the road that also takes volunteers and we hang out all together sometimes. If you feel social you can take a bike and go around to beaches and forrestes. Lots of deers and other animals on the island. The work is mostly cleaning rooms and I expect you to do it good since we are a hotel, dont worry I will teach you and it will be a great experience to acctually know how to clean in a fast way. nobody likes cleaning that much right? we also take turns serving breakfast and taking care of guests plus some other small things that needs done. we eat mostly vegetarian, sometimes chicken or fish but no red meat. you are welcome to buy and eat what you want ofcourse if so. we cook and eat mostly together and hang out in the evenings, perhaps drinking a beer on the beach :) Welcome to our family.


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I couldn't have asked for more for this volunteer experience. Since the first day I arrived, Sofie, Hendrik, and Lily have been so nice, friendly, and supportive. The schedule is so flexible and the tasks are clearly instructed that I can spend a lot of time exploring the island and even having my me-time. I feel like being part of a family because we (hosts and other volunteers) have spent a lot of time bonding. Thank you Sofie and Hendrik, I learned and gained a lot.

Highly recommend it to everyone <3.

about 1 month ago



The place is wonderful. Sophie and Henrick will take care of you as if you are part of their family. Which is exactly what it felt like my whole stay, thar we were a big family. The island has a lush nature, and bikes are provided for you to explore everywhere. The workload is not much and well structured, which gives you plenty of free time for your own activities. Thanks a lot for the opportunity, I learned a lot about hospitality and met wonderful people at this place ❤️

about 2 months ago



I couldn’t have asked for a better first experience as a volunteer. Since day 1, Sofie and Öland made me feel at home. She trusted me and explained everything in detail, which was truly amazing considering the cultural as well as language differences. I was fortunate also to meet people from around the globe and build a beautiful group/family that I am sure I wont forget as many of them have became good friends. The schedule is flexible and I had plenty of time to visit many places on the island, connect with nature and enjoy stunning sunsets. I highly recommend it <8.

2 months ago

New Zealand


Sophie, Hendrik and Lily are really a home away from home now. They are so generous, welcoming and open. Work was simple and flexible, they take pride in their beautiful hotel and they like to cook and share great meals often. Oland is gorgeous and worth exploring. Can't recommend enough - I'll be back :)

2 months ago

United States


Sofie was an absolute treasure and made my experience so rich! The island is beautiful and has so many places to explore that even after a month and a half the list of places to see is still so long! Highly recommend!!! I’ll miss this place so much 😭

about 1 year ago

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