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Natalia and I are the owners and this project was born from our passion for travel, we are a couple of friends of passionate adventurers and lovers of travel, so you can find in us a friend more. We love meeting people from all over the world and their cultures, showing the world how wonderful is our city and our country. We can easily understand the tastes and needs of any traveler, so we are very flexible with activities and schedules, so you can enjoy your free time and live a very good experience during their volunteering. We are sure that you will feel at home.

Naty and I are permanently in the hostel, we usually arrive it after 5pm and on weekends. We have an administrator, Juliana, who is in the hostel from Monday to Saturday during the day. In this way the collaborators will always have the support of someone, either Juliana, Naty or mine. We usually have volunteers, who collaborate with daily tasks, in the mornings with breakfasts and bathrooms, in the afternoon with beds and again bathrooms, in the evenings and weekends with the reception. We are all very respectful and cooperative people, extremely helpful and very happy.


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Mi experiencia fue muy especial, hice muchos amigos para toda la vida, el hostel tiene una buena estructura, está ubicado en una excelente región. El trabajo incluye desde la recepción hasta el aseo en general que depende de la fecha es más duro o más tranquilo.
Los horarios son flexibles y eso me salió importante porqué además del trabajo tuve clases y necesitaba esta flexibilidad.




Was made feel very unwelcome by one member of staff. Made it clear she didn't want me there from the start. The place had bedbugs and wanted to charge us to clean our clothes after explaining we had bedbugs


Amazonia replied

Any place of lodging could have that type of inconvenience and in our case we were attending them. In our hostel we want responsible people who fulfill their duties, which you did not do. That's why we finished your volunteering before and wanted to wash your clothes in our laundry almost 8 days after leaving our hostel and that is precisely what makes you so upset. Cheers :)



English version: The hostel, the team, the city, everything's just amazing!
Colombian version: Marica qué chimba! Realmente debo decir que esta vaina es del putas! El hostal, la ubicación, los deberes, todo eso fue muy chévere! .De vez en cuando hay un buen parche en la terraza, se toma un guaro o una pola, pero nadie se queda enguayabado. Qué guayabo, que tenía que irme... En este hostal no vas a camellar, vas a disfrutar la vida! Cada man y cada vieja tiene que ver por si mismo! No des papaya! Venga a Amazonia Hostal!


Amazonia replied

Patryk is a great person, really we enjoyed his stayed in our hostel, our home.

Hermano, sabes que esta es tu casa y nosotros tu familia. Aqui siempre te estaremos esperando.

Muchas gracias por llegar a Amazonia Hostel, fue muy grato haberte conocido y haber compartido contigo esta experiencia.

Hasta pronto!!!



Great place, Ale and Naty are very friendly, they welcomed me very well, I spent a wonderful time in this great place... thank you


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