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People come to India and typically go to big metro cities. They don't know that they are missing the real India. Karnal is the small but good historical city of King Karna (related to MAHABHARATA). The surrounding areas consist of farmland and small villages. I am able to show guests, life in the village/on the farm as well as in Karnal. India is a multi-cultural country so travelers can feel a lots of cultures in one place. I am able to provide transportation with my car to the farm and surrounding area. Many of our friends/family live in the surrounding area you will also have time to meet other Indian families and gain knowledge about how other people live. It is up to the guest how much you want to experience ... if you want to come to the market, help prepare food, run errands, etc before or after the work on the farm I encourage you to come along for the ride! If Guests want to go deeper in yoga, tantra, meditation or spirituality than this is the best place. As I am a healer with a background in meditation,tantra, yoga and alternative therapies I will be happy to share my knowledge with Guests.

My name is Raman and I am living in Karnal, Haryana,India. I am a Healer,Yoga/Meditation Teacher,Tantra Teacher, Reiki Grand Master. I can teach THE SCIENCE OF RELATIONSHIP as well. I also use different kinds of meditation therapies to treat psychosomatic disorders and emotional and relationship problems. My family owned apprx. 14 acre farm in a village (30 minutes) outside Karnal. The agriculture farm here consists mainly of rice paddies but on 3 acres of the land there is a fruit orchard and some organic vegetables. In this We are also doing plantation on the boundary of whole land and We are making a meditation and Healing center also. Volunteers can come here to help with organic farming orchard as well as spiritual center. I live with my family in Karnal, 120 kms from Delhi (India). and 22 km from the farm. I live in a three floor house. On the first and second floor I am able to house Volunteers and on the third floor I live with my family. Karnal is a small, clean city with many rice paddies/family owned farms nearby. Our city is also a center point to go around to other places in India. We treat Guests as my family members so you will eat, talk and enjoy life as a part of family. I really want you to enjoy, relax and soak up Indian culture!


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Personalmente mi experiencia fue buena, aunque muchas de las razones por las que participé no se cumplieron, el proceso holístico, conexión y danza no estuvo presente.
Si estás buscando un experiencia de impacto social de ayuda comunitaria este no sería el lugar ya que es una granja privada, si tu idea es aprende sobre agricultura te lo recomiendo. El trabajo se va adaptando según las necesidades del espacio y los encargados son personas amigables.
La granja está ubicada un poco lejos pero el pueblito es lindo amigable, es un buen lugar para estar tranquilos.

3 months ago

Raman replied

Dear Franky,

Thanks for your Positive feed back. I respectfully want to let you know that if volunteers show us their interest in Holistic dance than we feel grateful to provide them holistic atmosphere. Here is so beautiful nature you can sing here you can dance here you can make a connection here with yourself.

For community and social experience volunteer should come out from their room and should meet with nearby people and villagers.
They are always ready to welcome you.

Thanks and Regards

New Zealand


My 2 weeks stay in Raman’s farm were nothing short than awesome. I had the opportunity to help around in many ways - planting and pruning trees, weeding and mulching around plants, etc. I got to spend this time with other travellers, cook and play games together on our free time. During my stay I had the chance to meet some of the people from the near village and had some roti lessons from them. We got a meditation session and heaps of tips to keep us improving.
I totally recommend this volunteering experience! Thank you for having us Raman.

4 months ago



Fue una gran experiencia estar en la granja con los trabajadores y conectar con la naturaleza y todo el trabajo que se requiere para mantener la belleza de la granja, grab trabajo y energía de parte de todos

5 months ago



I spent 15 days in Anand Gram farm. Ramanji is the host who owns this farm. He is a man with great ideas and with a vision. He is a friendly host and takes care of everyone who is working at the farm, and I got to learn new things from him. This was my second visit and it's a good opportunity to learn about farming. During my stay, i have met other volunteers who are really incredible people from other countries . This experience will always remain dear to my heart.

A very very safe place to visit and stay..

6 months ago



La granja es un buen lugar para conectar con la naturaleza y conocer a otros voluntarios. Me gustó poder convivir con Amarjit y Mamundi quienes se daban a entender bastante bien sin hablar inglés; nos dieron instrucciones sobre las tareas en la granja las cuales fueron muy simples . Fuimos a un evento pre-meditativo donde bailamos y aullamos , tomamos chai y descansamos junto al Gurú. También pude plantar arroz un día. A fuerza de supervivencia elaboramos un platillo indio que quedó muy rico a pesar de ser amateurs en aquella empresa. Recomiendo estar listo para improvisar.

10 months ago

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