Ancient Kwan-yin ZEN Monastery

This is an Ancient Kwan-yin Monastery which has been built more than 1400 years. We are now recruiting volunteers from overseas for cultural exchange to let more people know about ZEN, which is the product of Buddhism and Chinese traditional culture fusing. Today, a course system called ” mindfulness” is very popular among the top tech company in Silicon Valley of America, the core idea of “mindfulness” is very similar to “ZEN”. In additional, our Monastery is located in Zhongnan Mountain, for which an American author had written a book called "Road To Haven", for those who are are interested in our culture may find what you need in this book.

Here you will meet warm-hearted and well-educated people. Since all of us are volunteers with different background, of whom used to be teacher, business manager or artist and so on. With the same goal to make the monastery a better place, we came here and devoted our time serving and helping people.

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i applied for social media, but i worked in the kitchen & no day off, there is no real coordianation between the volunteer who recruit & the monastery. i arrived at the wrong time, chineese seminar, volunteers should make ourself inconspicuous, keep a low profile, we are not allowed to walk free in the garden, go anywhere, have stay in our room wich is wet, mold, i had cough.. + moskitto. at least i've learnt to cook chineese food with the kitchen staff, i had fun & made friends

4 months ago


The Temple was a really nice experience. All the people there are really nice and helpful, even I don't speak Mandarin they were trying to comunicate . Every day I had a new task to do and every day was a new experience. Also they let me stay for the special metitation event that they had. Thanks for all and hope see you all again.

9 months ago

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