Because we offer comfortable accommodation, healthy organic food and the volunteer has the chance to contribute with ideas and activities for the children.

We are like a family. The volunteer will be treated as part of the family. There is always people and our house and we can provide full support with any of the volunteer needs. It includes help with tours and getting to know new places around Nepal.

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Hong Kong (Sar)


I appreciate the host with warm family vibe. The family welcomed me a lot and offered me a cozy and respectful environment to chat with locals and experience the authentic local lifestyle. Mainly helping with family kids, I spent a good time to enjoy a quality accompaniment in my stay. I like the family treating me as one of their family members.

about 2 months ago

United States


Overall, I had a good experience at Aniko. However if I were to go again, I would try to go at a different time of year. The kids weren’t in school so there weren’t many ways for me to help out. The kids were very nice and sweet to us and our main activities together were playing games and hanging out. I just wish I could’ve contributed more in some way. I was only there for a short time (a week) so I understand it’s hard to make an impact with such a short amount of time.

2 months ago



I really enjoyed staying with the kids. They're adorable kind and really fun. The dogs were also one of the highlights of my trip.

3 months ago



It was a very good time, the family and the children are amazing.
I spend time with three fantastic volunteers! It was a good way to compare with other nationalities

4 months ago



Had the most amazing time at Aniko house. The kids are such a joy to be with! I will definitely be back :)

4 months ago

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