Animal Lover’s Paradise in Hills, Italy

If you love nature and animals this is the perfect place to enjoy a piece of paradise while having at the same time the opportunity to explore the city of Bologna.

I'm Allyson, a London native with a passion for nature, travelling, rich food and cultural history of Bologna city, as well as Emilia Romagna region. I am an animal lover, I studied animal behavior and animal communication. I'm also a pasta maker and love to cook. I don't eat meat as I'm against violence. I live with my beloved dogs, cates, rabbits, chickens, and horses! I would love to host people that are willing to share their skills and help me with the outside. Food offered will be what we eat in the family such as seasonal local fruit and veggies, eggs from our free run chickens, plant based milks, just to name a few.

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Contact with nature


Contact with animals