Annabel House

Volunteers participate in supporting and caring for the poorest and most vulnerable people especially children and women to meet their practical physical and psychological needs through outreaches. The place is highly; educational, practical, and has room for new initiatives and emotionally challenging
Volunteers enjoy a broad learning experience including many of the practical, social, and technical skills required to become effective leaders, engaged citizens, productive members of society. They gain skills that are vital for real success in future employment and in adult life.

I and my staff a very passionate about working with teams of individuals to share experiences while learning from each other to serve the most vulnerable groups in communities. Our projects are ideal for individual volunteers and groups. Additionally volunteers get hands on experience in caring for vulnerable children and women’s work or to have kind heart, open mind, sharing attitude and interaction with these vulnerable groups in our deprived communities. Volunteers also get direct contribution to our support and care cause to give these vulnerable groups a “second chance” to build their hope. The environment is so supportive and volunteers will work with a team of like-minded and professional people like community development officers, lawyers, social workers, psychologists/counselors and health workers.

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