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It's a small hostel, but we're looking for help all year long. We also have a bar on the terrasse that opens at the end of April. You'll get 50% discount on the food and drinks there. Annecy is in the Alps, has one of the most beautiful lake of Europe and is the perfect place for outdoor lovers!

We are 2 brothers : Alex and Drieu and a sister: Céline, running an hostel in the lovely city of Annecy. The help required in the hostel is not difficult, but need to be done really well because it is customer related. We have a dog sometimes coming to the hostel so don't be allergic.


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Annecy es precioso!
El hostel esta muy bien ubicado de manera que puedes caminar a todos los lugares principales.
Las tareas en el hostal son muy claras y sencillas y cuentas con mucho tiempo libre para conocer la zona.

29 days ago



Hostel Annecy is a good place to voulunteer, besides the amazing town, the tasks are easy and the staff can teach you what to do. The town is little and there’s no much for you if you are a big city person, but if you love nature, that’s the perfect place.

about 2 months ago



O trabalho é bem simples e depende muito do seu ritmo as horas de trabalho. O hostel é bem localizado, dá pra conhecer bastante coisa por perto.

11 months ago



The city: super beautiful and picturesque. Full of tourists especially when the weather helps. Both nature-loving and city-center-visiting tourists come in large quantities. The city itself doesn't have many attractions, so if you're cosmopolitan, you should take that in mind.

The work: I did reception work. The hours and the tasks were very compatible with what was agreed. Some check-ins and basic cleaning in the evening, before closing.

The hostel itself is very cool with a beer garden-bar at the back, which is quite popular in the city of Annecy.

Merci beaucoup!!

12 months ago



La ciudad es hermosa! Claramente un buen lugar si les gusta hacer trekkings en lugares maravillosos.
El trabajo a veces me pareció un poco más duro , a veces trabajas más horas de lo convenido y otra veces menos. Depende de tu ritmo. Sobre todo para realizar las tareas de recepción hay que tener carácter y resistencia a la presión ya que a veces los huéspedes reclaman de mala manera cosas que no nos corresponden a los voluntarios . ( cómo puede pasar en cualquier hostel)
Quizás tuve menos relación con los anfitriones en relación a otras experiencias , pero eso depende de lo que busque c/u.

about 1 year ago

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