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South Serbia + Nature + Art + Great Food + Creative

South Serbia is really beautiful, amazing nature, friendly people, cheap tasty food, nice events, live concerts, great taverns, craft beer...

- City of Vranje - I was born here, have a house in the center. Very interesting old city
- City of Nis - My Office is here
- Sokobanja - The most touristic place in Serbia, a very famous Spa center in the Beautiful Nature. I have 2 weekend houses there

I can show you nice Ordinary Streets, Local Places, Art and Culture in the South, Good Restaurants, or you can research it by your own

Hello People from around the World, I am a person who is in love with art and nature. Finished the Faculty of Economics, in the past I was working in the Stock Markets and Banks, but now I'm working in the Creative Field most of the time, as Film Director and Audio and Video Editor. I am also a film critic and a writer, I write about music too. I am playing tenor saxophone and organizing board games meetups in Nis. My favorite music genres: blues, jazz, alternative, hard rock, rock'n'roll, metal, irish (celtic), neoclassical, singer-songwriter, country... Other Interests: literature, writing, poetry, paintings, chess, video games... Nice to meet you :) Updated: 07. 12. 2022.


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This host tried to force himself on me in the first night that I was supposed to stay there. When I rejected he accused me of flirting with him which wasn’t the case at all. The house is in the middle of nowhere and no way to get out without assistance. The host lacks basic social skills to understand how a person might feel about the situation. Place is also inhumane to stay and unfinished. This wasn’t a help around building an abandoned house project mind you. I have talked to the authorities and am %100 clear that this person is not interested in hosting a volunteer but something different

3 months ago

Palestinian Territory, Occupied


i highly recommend this host for volunteers! it's beneficial, meaningful, and fun experience! and eventually, will be a remarkable experience

10 months ago

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