Film and Photo Action Production company studios, were you can help on the day task or even in some small productions happening wile you are here.

Only for + 25 Years old.

There is no time day schedule, has in productions things change all the time, so you will be tested on your adaptability and creativity, if you like routines or methodic work.. this is not for you !

New Experience in the center of Lisbon but also near the beach! Has we have 2 places were to host you.

Work can be :

- Photography
- Social Media manage and production of contents
- Video production, shooting and editing
- Construction on set/places, and other production needs for the company areas
- Cleaning
- Markting
- Organize equipment and props

It all depends on what is happening at the time you are here.

You can work hard cleaning and helping doing a lot of different stuff, but also enjoy a lot of fun and creativity and a lot of free time to discover the city !

This is not for spoiled people, but for those that are open to grow by learning different skills and enjoy a lot creativity to, it all depends on the moment your arriving, cause remember this is something to be a Win/Win experience and not a Service or free Hosting.. but also not a place were your working hard all the time not having time to your self, have fun and discover the city.

Only one volunteer is accepted each time, and the deal is simple, the duration of the relation is made week by week, this means that in the end of each week, both sides will talk and discuss if both want to make one extra week or not.

They will have a lot of free time to enjoy discover the city, and also conditions to help cleaning, organize, and creating contents (video and photo). They wont have to many rules, but the basic will be present. Days are organized day by day. Priority are the company work tasks. Free days are organized between the needs of both sides. We host people from all over the world, so Respect is the basic rule for both, Volunteers, Guests and Crew. Remember this is a work place, were you can enjoy having a lot of your time do discover around.


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It’s been an experience in which I’m learning a lot from Rubens and at work in the Action Studio.
He’s a very honest person, has a very direct communication, which made it easier to understand his goals from the beginning. He welcomed me very well, with care and attention!
We decided to extend the time of my stay, so I’m still here.
I feel thankful for this experience ❤️
I’m comfortable, safe, learning a lot (that’s what I came for)

8 days ago



It was my first time to do volunteering through worldpackers and I couldn't ask for a better experience! The volunteering in ATM was just amazing. Ruben was a great host, he is friendly, flexible, easy to get along with, funny and he made my stay very comfortable. There were also other volunteers which made an atmosphere even better; we cooked dinners together, explored Lisbon and even went surfing (when we were at the beach house). So if you go to Lisbon you should definitely apply to do volunteering here :)

about 1 month ago



I recently had the pleasure of being hosted by Ruben, and it was truly an unforgettable experience. From the moment I arrived, I felt welcomed, he make sure that my stay was comfortable and enjoyable. From providing helpful tips about local attractions to making sure I had everything I needed. At work he is very passionate and organized. You can learn a lot from his experience and professionalism. It would be a pleasure to work with him again!

2 months ago



Let me just say this is the best experience possible! So if you are coming to Lisbon, don’t think twice and apply. Ruben is the nicest, kindest, most flexible and absolutely the most fun host you will ever meet. He will immediately make you feel welcomed and at home with his humour and warm vibes. There are more volunteers too so you will also get the chance to meet other travelers. The stay is very central, in a nice clean house. This experience made my stay in Lisbon so special, thank you so much for everything Ruben :)

3 months ago



It was a verz nice experience and very hospitable accommodation. I felt very comfortable and I am grateful for the experience.

3 months ago

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