We are a new B&B set on a small farm in Jericho at the feet of the mount of temptation. Very nice building and great surrounding garden. Peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Nice outdoor evenings.


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I had an amazing time at Auberg-Inn! I really felt like I was part of a team and family by the time I left. While I didn't have much time to get to know Ashraf, the other staff and volunteers made my experience all the more worth it. The work was not demanding however, volunteers often had to be "on-call" or remain at the hostel in addition to working 5 hours due to a lack of staff. Nevertheless, they were very understanding about days off and had a very helpful network around Palestine for volunteers to utilize. Truly one of the best experiences of my life!

4 months ago



I enjoyed this volunteering very much. The colleagues who taught me how to do the work were nice, welcoming and easy to hang out. The location of the gouesthouse is a bit far from the city centre but it's quiet, peaceful and relaxing because it's surrounded by nature, its garden and mountains. Sometimes, host's mother cooked some local dish using some vegetable from the garden, it's so yummy that I ate it a lot. And the local people are very generous and friendly, giving me some food for free, which is amazing! I recommend any volunteers come and enjoy the life here.

9 months ago



My experience at aubergine-inn was great! The stuff is simply lovely and collaborative, the place is clean and friendly:) you have flexibility to organise your task and your free time to visit the many locations to see around and to get to know the Jericho’s lovely people 😍

11 months ago



This was an amazing first volunteer experience for me. Everyone at the guesthouse welcomed me with open arms, and we’re so eager to let me learn more about their culture and lives. I visited their houses, got to go to a wedding, saw all the tourists attactions, and made some awesome friends:) The work is very chill, it depends on the amount of guests, and the guesthouse is very nice and peaceful. Extra plus that Jericho is warm in the winter! I recommend this to any Worldpacker who would like to get immersed in the local culture

12 months ago



Auberg-Inn is a great hostel, with an amazing garden and it is managed by great people. I couldn't meet Kais, but Ashraf is doing a great job and has a lot of ideas. Moreover, working with Basel and other volunteers has been very funny. I wish Auberg-Inn all the best and I recommend it. See you soon!

over 7 years ago

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