Auberge de Jeunesse Chamrousse

If you choose to volunteer with us, you'll be living and helping out in a beautiful ski resort in the Alps, overlooking the city of Grenoble. Here, you can ski, snowboard and trek during your free time. We're a sociable, friendly team who are always up for a good time so feel free to invite us along! If that isn't your thing then we also organize karaoké and game nights in the bar which you're more than welcome to join. If you don’t speak French very well, volunteering here could help a lot, but you would need to know the basics. Most of the staff and customers are French speakers and we are looking to share a cultural and linguistic experience with you. Many of us also like travelling and are eager for new friendships.

The general atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly. The youth hostel itself is part of an association and upholds the values of respect and sharing responsibilities. The team is made up of 5 full-time employees, all fun-loving and drawn by the beautiful surroundings. We're always up for a walk in the mountains or a ski session so feel free to ask! Volunteers receive bed and board at the hostel and will be staying in a 3-bed room (shared with 2 other volunteers or employees). The room has it's own bathroom although toilets are shared for volunteers and clients. Meals are often shared with the rest of the team but you also have the opportunity to use the kitchen facilities outside peak hours. If you have any allergies or specific food requirements, please let us know.

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