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*️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️ We are currently looking for help for the following periods: *️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️*️️️️️️️️ - 27 August - 10 September - 11 October - 11 November - X-mas and into 2019 In the summer and winter season we prefer to host couples or female helpers Ideally, we would look for a couple of which one person can help out with cleaning, cooking etc. and the other can help Eric with improvements, general maintenance and other work. But we'll consider other offers as well. Around Saint Donat there are many beautiful walks to do in your spare time. When we have time we will take you on trips around the country side or to villages in the area for sight seeing, hiking etc. In summer you can relax and have a swim at a waterfall nearby. In winter we can take you skiing. You can mingle with our local French, English and Dutch friends. Depending on the tasks at hand and your own interests you'll learn about gardening, how to cook local Auvergnate dishes, handyman skills etc. You can practice your English and French with us, our friends and the people in the village. Also we are fans of board and card games and movies so you can join us for a movie or game night when possible. Eric plays guitar and although he hasn't had much time for it lately, there are always one or two lying around for somebody to give it a go.

Hi, We, Eric and Caroline are a Dutch couple (40 & 45) that moved to France in 2010 to start a small hotel-restaurant-bar in a beautiful mountainous/volcanic area in the middle of France. This is outdoor-country with lots of walking and cycling trails, fishing, parapenting, etc. etc. In the winter there is a large ski area at 15 minutes drive (Superbesse). Our hotel has a homely atmosphere with 4 rooms and we have a restaurant with local specialties, bar, garden and terrace. We do most of the work ourselves. Caroline is the main cook and laundry lady and Eric does most of the maintenance, admin, marketing, construction work, waitering, bar tendering, shopping. Cleaning is our joined task. July/August are the busiest periods in which we can just manage the day-to-day tasks by ourselves. At the same time there is a lot of other work to be done as well, such as maintenance work, garden & vegetable garden and building our apartment on the attic. We also have two lovely dogs that get a bit neglected in the high season... Off season we spend our time on small maintenance and larger renovation projects, such as painting, making our apartment on the attic, preparing the garden etc. We are located in a small village in a beautiful area. Having your own wheels is not essential, but would obviously improve your options what to do in your spare time. Depending on the 'click' between us, we are looking for a short (minimum 2 weeks) or long term involvement. As we are already living with guests in our 'house' for most of the year, we do value our privacy when we have no guests. We have two a rooms with shared bathroom on the attic, so we can take in up to 4 people. In principal you will be responsible for your own cooking, but sometimes it's easier and more fun if one of us cooks for all of us and we can enjoy a meal and a movie or a game of darts or poker together. This differs from day to day depending the customers in our restaurant. Cooking can be done in a kitchen in your accommodation. we provide the ingredients obviously... There is internet connectivity and satellite TV , Wii and games. Occasionally you might have to share the bathroom with our friends and family or other volunteers that come over and occupy the 2nd room on the attic . Volunteering hours expected: 0n average 5 hrs a day 5 days a week, but flexibility required (and offered) depending on the season


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It was an nice experience in Saint Donat, a lot of learnings, beautiful landscapes, amazing food on the nights and looking how to improve yourself.
Eric and Caroline, nice couple to speak and have a good time in the hotel, just you have to know that if you’re planning to travel around, it’s really very far away of the city. Could be nice to have a fix schedule for the Volunteers.

3 months ago


Caroline and Eric are fantastics hosts!Iwill without a hesitation go back and work with them! To anyone who enjoy being outside and in the campaign by is free time there are many hikes you can do and in bonus you have the company of two lovely dogs! It is true that having a car could be usefull, but we didn't had one and we didn't miss it. It would actually have been easier for Eric and Caroline, but they didn't bother to bring us in hikes near by and at the ski station. We really enjoy ourselves in St-Donat. You will be in good companie and having delicious food(I'm missing it!).

5 months ago

Eric replied

It was great fun (and very useful) having Chloé and Lydia help us out in the winter season. They were very independent in their work and hardly ever needed to be told what had to be done. We could also rely that the tasks were done well so we did not have to double check everything everyday. Which is very important when you are working in high season!
We also enjoyed the evening meals together. they were good company and an interesting conversation.
Chloë and Lydia were not shy of physical work. Stacking wood etc. If there were no specific tasks to be done they would often look for more general things to do (folding napkins etc.).
We definitely recommend Chloë and Lydia to any hosts looking for a very active, unobtrusive yet good company help!

Thanks a lot, girls. We hope you enjoyed Prague will make the right choice on what to do after! :-)

BTW, when Chloë writes "they didn't bother to bring us to hikes", what she means is "they didn't mind to bring us to hikes"! It's a language thingy... :-)

Eric and Caroline


It's really amazing place in a peaceful and quiet area. Eric and Caroline are very great persons. It was my first time on Worldpackers, and I got plenty of good emotions and also improved a bit my italian (there were also 2 italian girls voluntering) and kitchen skills))
There are many beautiful paths (to waterfall etc) and you can aways go there with the dogs, but it's better to have some shoes for hiking.
Also in this village are the church (mostly closed) and the shop (open until 12:30 p.m.). and nothing else and it is just perfect to get away from big cities' noise)

about 1 year ago


About 10 days is more than enough to stay tere, there is no internet, it almost never works, so you willl be away from everything and everyone you know, too much stress in the atmosphere.

about 2 years ago

Eric replied

Unfortunately Priscilla's visit was not a good experience for us. Workwise she did not really listen to our instructions. It actually cost us more time to fix her mistakes then it would have cost us to do the work ourselves.
The discussions over diner were not very pleasant either. She is a very dominant woman en quite odd in her behavior. It might be a cultural thing I don't know, but we would not recommend her to other hosts.
And yes, we do have internet. Sometimes we need to turn of the wifi as too many people are using it. But if you can not go without internet for a few hours you should not come to the countryside in France!


It was my first experience as a Worldpackers and I really enjoy it. The Alberge is charming and very pleasent. Saint-Donat it's a tinny village, calm, quiet, with beautiful mountains and a small waterfall. I got a amazing month, with hot, sunny days and fresh nights. About my tasks, I had nice time working in the kitchen with Caroline. I loved walking the dogs in the afternoon. They're sweet. The only thing I think is bad :the village has no public transport. I think the best here is rent a car for few days and enjoy the medieval villages around and landscapes. Thanks Eric and Caroline !!!<3

about 2 years ago

Eric replied

It was wonderful having Fernanda over in July! She is a great cook and we have actually put some of her dishes on our menu this summer! That is a first and quite an achievement ;-)

She worked hard and we especially loved it how she would spontaneously clean the kitchen floor early in the morning!

She was also good company during our late night dinners on the terrace. Although it was difficult to talk about something else than Brasil, it was still fun! ;-)

Thanks for everything!

Eric and Caroline

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