Aujahba Island Getaway

AUJAHBA Island Getawayis an elegant and relaxing bed & breakfast / villa that is a stone's throw from many beaches ,restaurants, attractions, and night life in Montegobay , Jamaica's number one vacation destination. Unity Yaad Entertainment Promotion is a newly pioneered entertainment & promotion company that is committed and passionate in its mission to assist in building community cohesiveness,pride and strength through entertainment. This is done by organizing and promoting entertainment events with a strong emphasis on the performing arts. These events bring members of the community together while at the same time generating much needed revenue to help fund charitable projects especially those involving children and young adults. As your host we are here as your friend, support, and guide to an unforgettable experience of endless possibilities. We encourage and will assist all our volunteers to immerse themselves in the culture and vibes of the island, working, playing, mingling and interacting with warm friendly people for a charitable cause.

I lived and worked in the USA for 25 years as a Registered Nurse in New Jersey. I recently returned to my birth country to live.. This charity "share my world " is my husband and I way of giving back . Life at AUJAHBA and Unity Yaad is exciting, fun, eclectic as well as relaxed and laid back. Our Bed & Breakfast accommodates 8 double occupancy or 4 singles and the atmosphere is elegant but relaxed . We are a fun living couple , who would love to " share our world " with you.


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I had a wonderful time here. The hostsare super nice and since they have lived in the US for years, it was really easy to communicate with them. Their Bed and Breakfast is about 20 minutes from Montegobay and major attractions. I learned a lot about the Jamaican culture by visiting the country side which I probably wouldn't have if I was staying in the pricey tourist area instead. My room was mostly clean and meals were served by the host on the days I worked. Only thing I recommend making plans with the host as soon as possible for your vacation since you'll have to find a taxi to the city.

over 3 years ago

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