B&B Globetrotter Catania

This family hostel B&B Catania Globetrotter run by Daniele for the last 10 years, has become one of the most popular B&B's in Sicily, located in the heart of Catania city centre. We are renowned for our friendly staff, family atmosphere and cheap but quality accomadation! This is the perfect place to stay, whether you are a solo traveller, a group of travellers or maybe a couple looking for a romantic getaway :) We are growing year by year with more holiday houses, apartments and now we also have a B&B in scenic Syracuse! We accept volunteers for minimum 1 month

This job consist in 4 hours per day for 5 days per week, it's a big mix of public relations with people from all over the world, cleaning, setting rooms and apartments, reception, computer skills, languages, web-marketing, hotel manager etc. It depends on your skills and of course it's better if you can at least speak italian. The offer is free accommodation in a shared apartment (no private room) 5 minutes walk from the B&B with 2-3 others volunteer which is located right in the heart of the city center. If you really want a strong introduction to the Sicilian way of life (yes that includes beautiful sunny weather, some of the world's most amazing cuisine, bustling nightlife, rich culture, steeped in history and of course breathtaking scenery and nature) just apply to us and you won't be disappointed :)


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some("Cool, inexpensive city. I made some great friends but it is not the best way to meet people. The apartment was in good condition but the owner refused to buy us fans even though it was on the top floor apartment and over 40C. Reception is not 24 hours. I told them the time I would be arriving but no one was there, and I was left outside with my stuff late at night with no WiFi to call anyone. Apparently this happens a lot. It was an interesting experience had I am happy I did, but you have to have a good sense of humor to enjoy it here. ")

2 days ago


Localização ótima e fiquei num quarto só pra mim. O trabalho é tranquilo e 2 dias de folgas são respeitados.

about 2 months ago


Estuvimos 15 dias haciendo voluntariado una muy buena experiencia! Son 4 hs de limpieza de habitaciones de hotel y departamentos de 10.30 a 14.30 a cambio de una habitacion en un piso compartido! Todo bien!

3 months ago


That was my first experience of this kind. Host was a nice and helpful men, but when comes to creative job he want a proffesional things, which is hard to do without VERY special equpiment. We had some little missunderstandings on this field, but overal - those weren't a big problems to solve. Hours and job was ok.

4 months ago


The experience in general was great. The job is not hard and not too many hours.

i feel that Daniele (owner) doesn’t respect volontiers, but Edina who is the person in charge of us is amazing and took good care of us.

Only problem that we had: they made us moved from our apartment to danieles apartment where his mom was... uncomfortable situation but Edina took care of us and offered us a room. But this situation should not happen and I would recommend to make sure it won’t happen for you. Other than this weird situation everything was amazing and would definitely recommend this place!

5 months ago

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