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An amazing experience! This was my first with Worldpackers and I couldn't have asked for a better one! The staff is really nice. They do their best to help you and make you feel welcomed. The teachers really care for the kids, and the kids are adorable! Maybe not all of them will be open to you at first, but just give them time. Most of them are sweet and eager to spend time with you. The job is fairly easy and there are days that you have so much fun that you forget that it's a job at a. So come with an open mind and I bet you'll have one of the best experiences of your life! I certainly did.

6 months ago


For 6 hours of work per day, you'll have a big and cosy room and great hungarian meals. The work is well organised and easy. The teachers and all the staff are friendly and the environment is always joyful. Everything you need, they'll do their best to help you. The kids are the sweetest kids you'll ever met! You'll be overwhelmed by how much love you'll receive from the little ones. Trust me, you'll fall in love with them and will be really hard to leave! And once you leave, you'll miss them like crazy.
It was the best "job" ever and It was by far one of the best experiences I've ever had.

12 months ago


The kids are lovely and I had a great time with them, but was very uncomfortable to see how the teachers treat children, shaking them and dragging them on the floor. I only stayed for 2 weeks (the deal was 45 days), because I couldn't agree with this type of behavior, specially coming from educators. The coordinator is nice but I think she does not know everything that happens in the kindergarten, when she is not there.

about 1 year ago

United States

My time at the kindergarten the was an amazing experience! The staff are so friendly, it's like having one big Hungarian family. The kids are absolutely adorable and are very fun to teach. The accommodation was much more than expected, with only 2 beds in a very large room with lots of personal space and your own balcony. As for the food, there is something new and delicious every day of the week! The kindergarten is located about 30 minutes outside of the city center by public transport and it is very easy and inexpensive to get to and from town 24 hours a day. I Recommend this place 10/10 !

over 1 year ago