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Because we´re located in a very trendy area, close to the centre of the city and still in a traditional neighbourood. Also we can give all the assistance that we can provide in order to facilitate their experience.

We welcome volunteers as a part of a team in a familiar way. They have the opportunity to mingle with everybody else and be a part of a joyfull organization.


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The staff and volunteers are not diverse at all, I was the only one that didn’t speak Portuguese which for me, someone that went there looking for an experience, had me feeling left out sometimes.\nThe shifts where great and simple. \nThe hostle is pretty cosy, I love the TV room and the outside area you really feel at home there.

3 months ago


All staff are very welcoming and helpful! Breakfast shift can get pretty busy but the night shift is super chill!

6 months ago


Do not make the same mistake as I did... STAY LONGER. Back to Lisbon hostel is in a perfect location, quiet area but close to anything you would want to do in terms of tourism or late night partying. The staff are friendly and they become like family very very fast. The hours you work are very fair

7 months ago


I really enjoyed the experience, i felt at home, really nice place.

8 months ago


Foi incrível!

9 months ago

Perfect for you if you're looking for