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We are a new boutique hostel situated in the heart of Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina) with headquarters in Edinburgh (UK) with a lot to offer! Only 5 minute walk from the glorious 16th century Old Bridge, and with a large, beautiful roof terrace with fantastic views, aromatic herb garden and a cocktail bar, our hostel provides for a memorable and enjoyable stay in this fantastic historic city! We want the volunteers to fall in love with the hostel and incredible Mostar as much as we have, so the hours and activities provide time to really get to know the interesting culture and make it your home as well as experience the breathtaking scenery that surrounds the city. You'll be sleeping in a room with one other volunteer, and there's a bathroom with a shower/bath and a toilet on each floor which you'll share with the guests. There's also a kitchen on the ground floor open for everybody to use as well as a rooftop bar and terrace with some lovely herbs and spaces for sunbathing under the hot Balkan sun. There is going to be a communal money fund for groceries, which will be done as required our as instructed by the managers by somebody on the shift. So that's basic food paid for, as well as endless coffee, tea and possibly some other local liquids! Hopefully you're all okayish with some level of cooking, as all volunteers will be cooking for each other throughout the stay. Again, nothing fancy, but then again, you might learn how to do some delicious local treats like burek or sarma or punjene paprike! YUM!

With the hostel opening it's doors on the 5th May 2016 it is still in the exciting preparation period, and this summer will be one where in the hostel really becomes something special! We need some lovely volunteers to help that happen! There's plenty to do right now; murals to paint; plants to nurture; cool furniture to build! So if you're keen on helping with the birth of Balkanarama hostel then please come and lend a hand. We want passionate, creative people to join our team! The hours during this initial opening time will be more of an all hands on deck arrangement than the more rigid hours written about later, but the work is fun and of course there's still plenty of down time! The jobs will become more of what you'd expect from hostel work as 5th of May passes and the guests arrive. Every volunteer is required to do 14 shifts per month plus 4 night shifts. The shifts are 8 hours long and include day-to-day running of the hostel (when busy, it’s mostly doing reception work – checking in and out of the guests etc., and when you’re free-ish then it’s more things such as hanging with the guests or cooking or cleaning). There’s some special activities that we offer such as pub crawls and tours, and these are also run by volunteers, but you’ll hear more about this on the spot. The rota is structured such that you work 3 or 4 days per week, with equal amounts of morning and afternoon shifts, as well as an equal spread across different days in a week throughout the month. In regards to the night shifts, they should be quite chill, as guests rarely check in at night so no hard work is needed with these. Also, nobody’s working in the morning of the next day after their night shift, no worries here! In your free time, you can choose to do what you want, including some of the above activities that we offer! Of course, room and board are provided!


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I had such a wonderful time at Balkanarama Hostel! The staff and my fellow volunteers were just like family. Bosnia and Herzegovina is so beautiful, has a lot of history and lovely people. Mostar's colours, sounds and tastes were simply magical. Hostel life was a lot of fun, the tasks were very well organized so that everyone would have the same obligations and know their responsabilities and days off in advance. Saska was really into the Bosnian culture and gave us tips to enjoy this experience the most. I keep the really fond memories of my time at Balkanarama and totally recommend it!

10 months ago


I felt very comfortable a good team and host, I learned a lot, I met a lot of people and I could visit other places because the schedules were clear and organized, very good experience recommended 100%.

Thank you Saska!!

over 1 year ago

United States

Saska was the most amazing host. She was accommodating and flexible with schedules. All staff members had enough time to travel to different cities on days off if they wanted. The hostel is small enough that you can really get to know guests and your fellow staff members. Mostar is also a manageable city, not too large but also a lot to do in the city and surrounding area.

over 1 year ago

New Zealand

Awesome hostel, I'm a great place with really cool people. Would recommend!

about 2 years ago


I had a great experience at Balkanarama hostel, it was so much fun and I learned a lot.
I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in getting to know Mostar.

over 2 years ago

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