Bamboo Hostel Palawan

We are one of top volunteer hosts in the world, our place is one of the top backpacker hostels, located in the world's most beautiful island (Palawan). We offer fun, friendship, and gorgeous white sands of the Philippines. Need we say more? :)

Here's the latest blog by the last volunteer we had, Shaun from the USA: ( Here's feedback from our volunteers through our Workaway Host Page: 1. Tom, USA: [29/05/2017] "My friend and I stayed with Rye and Tina for a very short time, but nevertheless it was an excellent experience. Rye and Tina are AWESOME hosts! Both are traveller's with excellent stories, recommendations and wisdom to share for your travel itinerary. Their hostel is unique and has a very organic and positive vibe to it. The food is delicious! This was our first WA experience and we were very happy we were able to experience it with the hostel. I was able to help Rye and Tina optimize their cash flow by creating a simple and easy to use excel template that captureS their daily, monthly and annual cash inflows and outflows. They were VERY responsive to emails prior to my arrival making and made themselves available to us upon arrival. We were stoked to stay at this place and will be back once we are in Puerto Princesa!" 2. Julie, France [25/05/2017] "My stay with Rye and Tina was wonderful, I stayed for about 11 days and it was a great experience. Rye and Tina are kind and assertive hosts. Everything there is clean, beautiful and comfortable!! Rye awas always ready to help with everything, and taught me a lot about Palawan and the Philippines, he's a very caring person, and you can talk with him about any subject, he's really open minded! The hostel is located in a quite zone,ideal for a retreat, but there is everything you can possibly need around the corner. 100% recommendable! Dear Rye thank you for everything!" 3. Shaun, USA [24/05/2017] Wow! What an amazing first Workaway experience :) Originally, my friend Tom and I were supposed to spend a week with Rye and Tina but last minute itinerary changes made it impossible to do so. However, we were so impressed by Rye’s attitude and communication that we figured we had to at least stop by to see what this hostel was like. I helped out for 2 nights and: 1) made a promotional video an posted it on Youtube 2) helped take some updated interior/exterior photos of the hostel "When I arrived, I was even more impressed by the hostel than from what I saw in the pictures. The facilities are very clean and accommodating. The staff is super friendly and fun to talk to. The traditional open air bamboo huts and ambient reggae music make you want to lounge in the cozy hammocks all day (especially when a light soothing rainstorm rolls through). Overall, the property is insanely unique and charming. And the hosts impressed me even more. Rye and Tina are very generous and kind people that truly encompasses everything great about the fair exchange community. Not only do they take the time to discuss realistic expectations for your stay but they also make sure that you will have fun doing it! They are very flexible when it comes to your contribution, so if you have a skill or suggestion for something that could improve the hostel, mention it! And Rye has some stories to tell! He and Tina have lived all over the world and are awesome to share backpacking/travel stories with. It was definitely a pleasure to spend time in such a charming and friendly hostel. Go to Palawan and check it out for yourself!" 4. Jeannie, Canada "I would say it was probably the best introduction we could have had to the work away program. From the first moment we met with Rye and his staff they were very welcoming and friendly with us. When we arrived we were given an introduction to the Hostel, as well as an outline for their expectations of us as workaway volunteers, this was very helpful as I hate ambiguity. Then Rye gave us a tour of the city, which was really welcome because we hadn't done much exploring on our own. You could tell that Rye was very enthusiastic about Palawan, Puerto Princessa, and the Philippines in general, which is nice to have in a host. The hostel was the perfect place to relax and to work. It was close enough to the main street that we could walk there or take a tricycle to get whatever we needed, but not so close that it was too noisy. We slept a few nights in the dorm which was actually quite nice, although sometimes hot if there wasnt a breeze. We helped Rye with his Hostel website, making it more SEO friendly and writing some copy. Rye was very receptive to the ideas and suggestions we brought to him, and had even more of his own that were also really cool. Our only regret is that we couldn't stay longer to fully implement all the changes and ideas that we came up with together. While we were there we were allowed to use the staff kitchen which was really nice after travelling for so long to finally be able to cook for ourselves again. We highly recommend this workaway experience and we hope that the next volunteers can help this unique hostel reach its full potential." 5. Pablo and Maria Luz, Argentina: "This hostel is definitely one of the best experiences we had in the Philippines. Rye and all the staff are really fun people. We had a great time there, the place is very relaxing and it is a perfect spot to enjoy Puerto Princesa while volunteering with some very nice people. The hostel itself is awesome. It has a very big gazebo with hammocks to read, watch movies, or just relax. It is very clean too! The help wasn´t very hard either. We had some tasks and goals and we tried our best to complete all of them. Rye is a great person and you can see how passionate he is about this project. And what´s best... he is very welcoming and friendly. This hostel really feels like your home when you are there. We hope we can spend some more time with Rye in the future, in Puerto Princesa, or in our own home which is open now for him or any of the other amazing people that makes this hostel so great :)"

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