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This has been my first volunteer and everything for me at this moment is new. The host Iván received me the first day at his house. Although the first day of work there were problems regarding food, Ivan solved it the next day, with canned food. The initial deal was 30 hours a week from Monday to Thursday and 3 days off. But the work was more of those days and we agreed: I for my part leave the entire garden weeded and cleaned. And giving me room and board until September 5. In another house that I was fixing up. That was where I stayed. We both fully complied and I liked that about Ivan. Even

20 days ago



Very nice experience in a nice place! Ivan and his mom are very cool people and the mom cooks very good! 😋 Good place to stay, I did a hard work and I think is not for all the people but if you have ethic work you don't have problem. I recommended! 👍

8 months ago

Ivan replied

Thank you for your visit Alex. It was such a pleasure having you here ! We would love to see you again anytime your life brings you to California.

United States


It was a nice experience, I appreciated to be challenged with my task. We had all the necessary accommodations, the only thing that could of be better is the cooking space although Ivan’s mom cooked delicious food for us a few times. I really appreciate that.
I’d recommend this place for someone that would like be to challenge on their handy man skills and with good work ethic. Ivan is a really good guy and makes things easier

almost 2 years ago