We are a tourist accommodation in the heart of Valencia (Spain) whose philosophy is to share. The accommodation is homely and cozy being a first floor of about 300 square meters with five rooms. Despite being a small accommodation, it has a lot of personality. We baptized it with the name of "Una Habitación Propia" like the book of Virginia Woolf but we didn't want to leave Virginia alone. Therefore, we looked for other five women more than they will accompany her in this adventure. So, the decoration of each of the rooms are inspired by an important woman in history. Because in "Una Habitación Propia", how could it be otherwise, the rooms have their own name: Jane (for Jane Austen), Louise for Louise Brooks), Frida (for Frida Kahlo), Tamara (for Tamara Lempicka) and Simone (by Simone de Beauvoir).

Spain is an open country where people's culture is being on the street. The general profile of the people in Spain is sociable and alive. Valencia, in particular, is a coastal city so that the volunteer can enjoy the beaches whenever he wants. In terms of cultural offer, Valencia has a wide variety of bars and restaurants to enjoy a good gastronomic experience where the typical dishes are paella and tapas. You can also find interesting, in addition to its monuments (mostly Gothic origin), museums such as the famous Museum of Arts and Sciences and historical theatres such as Teatro Principal or Talía, the latter in the heart of the Old Town, which is It is only 10 minutes from the tourist accommodation where the volunteer can soak up a much more bohemian atmosphere. In addition to knowing Valencia and all the charms it offers as a city of contrasts, the volunteer will learn basic guidelines to develop in a tourist accommodation and spanish language, which is the second most spoken language in the world.


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Una Habitación Propria is a fantastic place! The hostel is very cozy, the work is very easy and the hours are very flexible, ideal for those who want to explore Valencia in the free time. Elena and Lorena are two very different people, but they complement each other in a wonderful way! They made me feel like home all the time, they are fantastic people! Thanks so much for making my experience at Una Habitacion Propria much better than I could expected! I hope to come back soon :)

7 months ago


It was a very good experience! Valencia is a wonderful city and the experience at the B&b was very good. Elena, the owner is a very kind and sensitive person; the work at the B&b was very easy and the location is just amazing, right in the city centre.
I would definitely recommend it !

7 months ago


Que linda experiencia viví en "Una habitación propia". Fue mi casa por 15 días y eso es debido a que Elena y Lorena te hacen sentir de esa manera. Lo recomiendo enormemente, 1000%. Las tareas son fáciles, la ubicación de Bed & breakfast es inmejorable y la van a pasar de maravilla. Espero volver a cruzarlas chicas, les mando un abrazo enorme!!

8 months ago


It was a great experience on the whole and Elena was really welcoming. Recommended

9 months ago

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