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3 hostels inFjord Norway have launched a social volunteer program where young outgoing, enthusiastic people can volunteer at one or more of the hostels included in the program. The volunteer undertakes activities such as: hikes (many...), games, barbecue, cultural kitchen, fishing, sightseeing, coffee (lots of...) and cookies, waffle baking, music - all in the name of cultural exchange and bringing people together. If you and our guests have other splendid ideas, you just bring them on! If you want to get close to the World Championships in Bicycling 2017 September is the ideal month to join us: The are competing righ outside our door!

We are a truly international staff. The volunteeers can expect to be treated with respect - and fun which will make it beneficial for all of us. The volunteers are NOT undertaking work that are otherwise been done by paid staff (e.g. cleaning etc.). We always have at least two volunteers at the same time.


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Was the best summer i had, everyone in the staff were extremly kind and patient with me and all the volunteers. The hostel is so big, confy and has the most amazing views from Bergen, after jusr a few days i felt like home.
A special thanks for Jesper and Tomas who made sure we had an amazing time and took such a good care of us.

3 months ago


Volunteering in Hostel Montana was absolutely one of the best expetiences in my life! The manager and the staff are fabulous, easygoing and open to new ideas which makes the hostel friendly enviroment to be in. The work itself is fun - interacting with guests, doing hiking and city tours. I met so many great people and I am really grateful that Montana accepted me as one of their volunteers. I had an amazing time, thanx to everybody, especially to Jesper :) I would gladly come back anytime! :)

about 1 year ago


This program is incredible. You tasks in the hostel are all related to meeting people and getting to know the surroundings, you will do no cleaning, doesn't feel like work at all. The staff is so nice with the volunteers and makes you feel so integrated, everyone from the recepcionists to the manager, especially the manager. I feel so grateful I participated in this program and I strongly recommend anyone to do it.

over 1 year ago


I've been as a volunteer in Bergen Hostel Montana during the summer and I can ensure that it has been a great experience! the hostel is great, and the staff always hleps you with whatever you need. They make you feel like a big family.
About the volunteering is amazing! I had the opportunity to hike all the mountains around Bergen. Eventually we helped in a little cabin where we became masterchefs!
I trully recommend Montana Hostel if you are thinking on a volunteering.
Enjoy the experience!

over 1 year ago


My experience doing this volunteer program was amazing! I've been in Bergen and Voss. I'm grateful for the opportunity they gave me to live such incredible experience. I could visit different places every day with the guests and share nice moments with them. The volunteer's team and the staff are great people, always helping and caring for others. I made friends and I got closer to nature like I had never done before. I will never forget this time in Norway and the people I met. They made me feel comfortable and happy. I absolutely recommend this volunteering! 🙂

over 1 year ago

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