Big Fish Hostel

Big Fish is a home. The volunteers that work here are a well-oiled team that know how to have fun, interact with guests and do shift work. After a few weeks in this place you will have made unforgettable memories and friendships. You will have been challenged on many different levels, you got to know yourself better and will be able to deal with people much better. You will be able to look back on your time here with one big smile, just like so many before you.

We're a relatively small, cozy non-party hostel, where we ephasise team work and we try to make sure all guests, staff and volunteers meet their expectation and treat everyone as part of the family.


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This hostel is amazing! Vesna is a great boss, and the shifts are simple - 3 shifts a week, a combination of overnight reception shifts or daytime housekeeping shifts. You get plenty of time off to enjoy the city, and there are usually activities with the other volunteers/guests like family meals or watching movies. I’m glad I came here, the hostel has a true family feel!

over 3 years ago

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