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Laid back atmosphere, different tasks everyday, beautiful area. We speak French, German & Spanish. You will have the opportunity to visit hidden gems in the west of Ireland, work in a stunning location, avail of out bikes, kayaks etc. You will have your own independence, bedroom, kitchen facilities etc. and free time to explore.

I’m Rachel (34yr) and set up a tour company ‘Rachel’s Irish Adventures’ based out of our B&B. I’m an endurance athlete that also has a passion for whiskey. My partner works with me organising tours for small groups around the west of Ireland. Volunteers will be treated with great respect & can use bikes, kayak etc. in their spare time.. oh & enjoy Marjorie’s (Mam’s) homemade tasty treats!


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Marjorie is very special tons of love to give.


Rachel replied

Hi Cristina,
Hope you are well and having a fun summer in Madrid. Best wishes from myself and Marjorie.

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