Blue Dream Kiteboarding Resort

Por la naturaleza y las playas incontaminadas alrededor del resort. Un lugar seguro de mucha paz, adonde se puede conocer personas de muchas nacionalidades que vienen también para aprender y practicar el deporte del Kiteboarding que es una posibilidad de aprendizaje también para los voluntarios. Hay una bicicleta para utilizar gratis.

Somos una pareja que administramos el resort y necesitamos de una ayuda en el personal de recepción que pueda hablar ingles, recibiendo los huéspedes y atendiéndolos en sus necesidades


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Blue is an excellent place to be in contact with nature, practice languages and if you are interested, learn or improve kiteboarding.

about 1 month ago

Nicola replied

It was a pleasure to have you here and many thanks for all your help during your 2 months and a half! We are happy you liked your experience with us!



Quiet and away from everything, it is important to consider because there are not many things to do if you dont come do keyt surf, cleaning crew and instructors were friendly. The hosts were almost always friendly except at check out, as they didnt t show concern for my schedule and didn't give a cordial goodbye. You share a bathroom that does not work very well, smelled bad, we warned this to the hosts and they did not provide any solution. schedules change a lot, the work of 6 days was not respected onetime having to work 7 days. not the best,but I made friends that made it a nice experience

4 months ago

United Kingdom


The owners are incredibly nice people as well as the rest of the hotel and kite school staff members! It’s good to know that the location is isolated, so there aren’t many things to do, but it’s perfect if you’re looking to relax and hangout at the beach when you’re not working! My schedule changed a lot in the beginning but after I complained the host gave me a set schedule. Sometimes even after we made a set schedule I didn’t have a day off and worked 7 days instead of the specified 6 days, but overall a good experience!

4 months ago

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