Bohemia Beach

If you're a nature lover and a life on the beach may attract you, you'll love our place, a virgin beach located between a protected jungle, offering a majestic view on the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and only 20 minutes walking from two refreshing rivers. The region is full of natural marvels: rivers, waterfall, jungle are all around waiting for you. There are 3 other hostels on the beach so you'll still be able to connect to internet if you need to, spend a night partying, or even get surf classes !  Our project started operating 3 months ago. We have a great social zone with bar & restaurant, 5 beach huts and a 8-persons dorm. We are now looking for some happy volunteers to help join our 7 persons team. 

Volunteers sleep in a nice and spacious dorm. 3 veggie meals are included in exchange of 6 hours of daily work, 5 days a week. Volunteers can also only contribute 4 hours daily, 5 days a week in exchange of the accommodation only and pay each meal 5.000 COP.

Perfect for you if you're looking for

Contact with nature

Vegetarian / Vegan