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Your participation on Bote Farms will be seen for years and years to come as you will be in on the ground floor or planning and execution. This is a unique and exciting opportunity. We are currently planning orchards, crops and landscaping. We are getting our hands in the dirt and our souls in the fresh air! We are building rock terraces and focusing the virgin land to prepare it for the building plans and planting. In the summertime we run a small restaurant and are looking for friendly people who love food who can commit to at least 2 months. A small stipend is included. You will meet a lot of people as Saranda is very busy in the summery. As always we run a charity and on a rainy day you may find yourself playing games with orphans or helping to take care of the homeless dogs and cats.

We left the high pressure long days behind in America and have moved to Albania to open a place where everyone will feel comfortable and connected.


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Amazing experience for anyone who wants a place to enjoy nature. Thanks Shawn and Kyle for the experience and help. I will miss the crazy goats hahaha. Good luck with the vilas🤞🏿

13 days ago



The experience is not what appears posted even the host explains a little bit about it beforehand but it's not enough. I would have loved to stay but for health reasons I couldn't continue, however the host was kind of rude to me when I tried to explain my discomfort. I would recommend the place for people who wants to work, not for volunteering. I'm grateful for the opportunity and the hosts are really nice people, they're just stressed with everything they need to do.

about 1 month ago

Shawn replied

Laura, as you are well aware we told you the job you replied to was not available until summer and we asked if you still wanted to come and help on the farm. We made every concession for your allergies and offered you many options. We were more than generous as hosts, with rides, and free scooters. Volunteers work the allotted time, we provide food for three meals a day even on days off (and cooked specifically for your allergies). If you are allergic to dust and pollen I would say that you should know that committing to volunteer at a farm in Spring is just not smart. As hosts, we always try to find ways to make work fun and not too repetitive but we are a working farm and there is work to do. You left us in the lurch at a critical time and sadly many workawayers don't think about the time and effort that goes into host planning and the number of people we have to turn away because our spaces are booked. This is an exchange and we more than held up our part. I hope you found a comfortable place to volunteer that did not affect your seasonal allergies and are enjoying your travels.

United Kingdom


On arrival, Kyle and Shawn were welcoming/friendly and we had dinner together. Unfortunately from then on, we didn't see much of them. They had a lot going on behind the scenes that kept them busy/away from the farm. The tasks asked of us were straight forward and kept us busy but I don't think it was worth what we were given in return. We didn't get to know them like we had hoped which in turn made them unapproachable. At one point we had little to no food. The accommodation was not the same as photos uploaded and was very dirty. Appropriate communication is what made us end our stay early.

3 months ago

Shawn replied

Imogen, it definitely was an unfortunate time for you to come and stay as we did have a lot suddenly going on in the background. Sometimes life throws you obstacles and even when you want to just live on an idyllic farm and hang out with your volunteers the universe may have other plans. For us, it was the government of Albania for what amounted to our farm budget for the year. There was really no way around it for us. As this was your first volunteer experience we wish it would have been better for you, but in return, before judging your experience you may want to join another host, maybe you will find that the volunteer system is not for you. I hope that is not the case. Wishing you happy travels.



Shawn and Kyle are good people I had a great time there mostly doing DIY but there are lots of other things to do like gardening and taking care of the animals and I am sure there will be even more in the future as they don't seem short of ideas and projects for the future.
I strongly recommend there place to any traveler just take in to consideration that this is a farm a bit in the country side so you won't really be able to walk to town on your free time but taxis are very cheap in Albania and Shawn or Kyle can drop you of whenever they go into town. I don't have anything bad to say.

6 months ago

Shawn replied

Dominic was a great volunteer, and more than that a skilled one. He says "DIY" but I say "Built a roof". lol. He always had ideas, was open to trying out new skills, open to lending a hand wherever we needed it. He was easy to get along with both from a hosts perspective and in terms of the other volunteers. If he is riding your way and is looking to have you host him, just say "yes"!



I am so grateful to Shawn and Kyle for giving me such a great opportunity to stay at their farm and help them with their interesting projects.
The location is amazing, it's a magical farm from a fairytale. There are a lot of mountains, hills and valleys. You can also see many flocks of sheep and goats nearby.
The tasks and projects were different and very interesting for example watering plants, gardening, some woodworking, feeding and milking animals etc.
The schedule was flexible; the work was very fun, easy, well explained and always done as a team.

8 months ago

Shawn replied

we loved having Denis on the farm. it wasn't just his great attitude or willingness to be silly and make work fun but Deniz is the odd traveler that undervalues his skills. we got much more than we expected regarding his work and way more than we excepted in a flexible, fun and fashion category! we miss you!

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