Botë Farms . (World Farms)

Your participation on Bote Farms will be seen for years and years to come as you will be in on the ground floor or planning and execution. This is a unique and exciting opportunity. We are currently planning orchards, crops and landscaping. We are getting our hands in the dirt and our souls in the fresh air! We are building rock terraces and focusing the virgin land to prepare it for the building plans and planting. In the summertime we run a small restaurant and are looking for friendly people who love food who can commit to at least 2 months. A small stipend is included. You will meet a lot of people as Saranda is very busy in the summery. As always we run a charity and on a rainy day you may find yourself playing games with orphans or helping to take care of the homeless dogs and cats.

We left the high pressure long days behind in America and have moved to Albania to open a place where everyone will feel comfortable and connected.


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Shawn and Kyle own a land in a region with a lot of mountains around! It's a beautiful view! The farm is at the beginning, so our daily job was to open holes to plant the trees in the coming months!

The work was hard but very cool, as Shawn and Kyle were always with us, working together, listening to music, laughing! And Shawn always made great salads at our daily picnics!

And the accommodation was great, we had a flat with a view to the sea to share with the volunteers! And every Saturday Shawn and Kyle brought us food for the week!

Was such a great time! See u soon guys!!

over 2 years ago

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