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Our guests are welcome at anytime to stay from one to three months. We offer free couscouss every Friday They can use the school car in the Berrechid school to go on day trips They spend nearly nothing on the food because living is very cheap here. We help them organize very cheap trips to the desert . We give them the opportunity to learn Arabic and French .

A language school where people come to learn English and French. We host native or fluent speakers of these languages to give the opportunity to our learners to experience being in an English speaking environment.We also give our guests the opportunity to discover the real life of Moroccan families,customs and traditions.


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There are three schools. Two in Casablanca and one in Berrechid. The one in Berrechid is amazing. There’s not much to do in the town but the school, it’s rooftop and the other volunteers is all you need. I wasn’t in the one at Ein Chok in Casablanca but I went sometimes and the students are kids and super nice. The main place I stayed in was Casa downtown and it was incredible. I got to meet so many cool people and made a lot of friends. Mr. Harim organizes trips from time to time and they are worth it, but if you want to organize your own trip it’s also possible. Overall I really recommend it




The academy has three schools: in Berrechid, in Casablanca and in Fez. The volunteers apartment in Casablanca was a total disaster, very dirty and not comfortable. I didn’t get to know the one in Fez. However I can absolutely recommend the one in Berrechid: the mood is great, the facilities are comfortable, the volunteering hours are ok, the teachers are very nice and in general it was a very good experience. I had a very nice time sharing with Anani and the other volunteers.


Harim replied

The cleanness of the place is related to the cleanness of the volunteers staying there.Sometimes the Casablanca school is the cleanest.But I was disappointed because you didn't care during your stay .You only contributed in making it dirtier.Thank you anyway



I stayed one month at the school and it was a great experience. Mr Harim is really kind, always working to improve the guesthouse, witch is really well situated in the Casablanca. The people around are cool, I made good friends there. Work is flexible, you can also travel and check the schools in Fes and Berrechid and see what fits you better. I can only say thanks to you guys for everything, hope to be back another time! Cheers




It was awesome! the people are nice and also the school! good localization and nice place to stay!
Thanks for everything!




I have been to Casablanca's and Fes' academies but I spent in Fes most of the time. I really recommend the school, the city and the country. The whole made this experience unforgettable. I feel very grateful for all the care, love and fun we had together. We got to work as a family and British Academy felt like home.


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