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Dear lovely people, We run this hostel as a family business - come and become a part of our Hostel family! Life in the hostel in never boring, every single day brings you a new experience, lovely memories and beautiful friends. :)

Collaboration and communication is one of the most important things in the hostel life. We always help each other to integrate the new members. If the team is happily doing its everyday tasks, then everybody else is happy because all the things are in the right way. If somebody has problems we always try to figure out something - we have an open channel to listen to you if there will be any troubles. We are a team - so let's do it together! :) We do not offer meals, but we have common kitchen which you can cook your own meals. There are groceries nearby where you can buy the ingredients :) Please bear in mind that we CAN NOT ACCEPT COUPLES!


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The hostel is really well located, Vera and her husband are very nice people. The reception and all the staff are lovely as well. It's not a hard work, you just need a little bit of creativity creating new content for the hostel midia, but it's not hard at all. Was my first experience at worldpackers and I am already enthusiastic to do more! ❤️



The work is fair, Vera is a good host, she tries hard to organize. You have plenty of time to know the city. I disliked the way some guys at the reception treated me as a volunteer - laughing at mistakes people I did and talking about it in Hungarian, not nice and made you think you are dealing with children, instead of professionals. I and another female volunteer felt it harder as women. I would say the staff should be trained to deal better with this matter, but the rest was just fine and I loved Budapest. Thanks, Vera! :)



This was my first experience in Worldpackers and I can't be more happy with everything. It was a really great experience for me. I spend 2 weeks in the hostel doing Social Media.
The work gives you a lot of flexibility to manage your time either by touring Budapest or other nearby places. The team of helpers shares a space in the hostel that allows to create friendship and very good vibes. Vera and Laco were very kind and willing to help in any situation that I needed. I recommend 100% to do this experience at bbhostel!



It was an amazing experience of learning with a very friendly people on the reception of the hostal, collaboration is really fair I personally felt in love with the bond we made among flat mates. Great city; cheap and always something new to discover



It couldn't be better!
Vera and Lacó are amazing hosts. They gave me all the support before my arrival, put me in online helpers group, and they have one apartment only for helpers, which makes you feel like a little family ❤ Metro is very close to take you to main attractions, and tram lines 24h that takes you to nightlife in 10min. It's not a party hostel but it doesn't have to be, because the atmosphere between helper's team is awesome, and the hosts made me feel comfortable all the time. Grateful for the opportunity!


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