Bulbulir Basa Welfare Society

While they are travelling around in India especially City of Joy where really full of Joy here. Boys are very smart and volunteers have a good experience to live with our boys. They are always eger to know their culture and what they eat, what they do etc.etc. Volunteers will work 4 hours a day only. During the week, the boys leave for school at 8:30 and return at 2:00. On the weekends, the boys are free the whole day, so volunteers will have plenty of time to spend time with them either at home or on an outing. Please clean your own toilet and help our boys while they go to the shower. Your accommodations are provided on the premises in a second floor room adjacent to the boys' room. The room has one triple bunk bed, with a balcony. Additional accommodations can be arranged. There are also two showers and one western toilet. Please do not smoke inside the premises.We could help them to learn our language, culture and will teaching them how to cook Indian food.

Hello Friends, I am Mithu Das living in Kolkata, India. I am Commerce Graduate from Calcutta University and Diploma in Social Work from Jadavapur University. I have my own business of Tours and Travels. I did social work in Missionaries of Charity which is absolutely change my mind to do something for poorest of the poor and also I know I live in the City of Joy where most of people are very poor with smile face. That is the reason I found a home for orphan boys and helpless aged people as well. At this moment I didn't get much funds for run our homes. I am caring 10 helpless and orphans with providing food, education and shelter with free of cost. My orphanage is Government registered with other necessary papers and submit our annual accounts and reports to our government. The orphanage is 2 storied building and our all necessary activities are going on here. There are totaling 8 rooms, kitchen and 5 bathroom and washroom. Also we have washing machine and Water filter for all of us. In our place we have cook, cleaner and care taker. Usually I take care our volunteers because only I know speak english and 2 boys as well. Our helpers and staffs are always to helping for any issues or marketing. I'll be responsible for all purpose what the volunteers need. I have personally request🙏😊 please not to give any money to our boys and our staff. If anything you want to give like any gift then please ask to our authority.

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