Being at Bunkyard is an experience in itself. An experience where you get to know the best of you. An experience which helps you unleash yourself. An experience where you experience happiness, amazement, surprise, ecstasy, serenity, awe, love and optimism, all at the same time. An experience, which has the potential to change your life. Well, we don't find a single reason why a traveler shouldn't volunteer with us.

Everyone associated with Bunkyard at any level is our family. Be it guests, or our staff. We live, eat, drink, and play together, just like a family does. Volunteers can expect to get a homely feeling when they're associated with us.


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Sandeep and Taslim are really cool guys and the hostel is amazing! The vibe is very social and there is always someone to chill with.
The tasks vary from promoting the tours, to reception or helping in the restaurant. If you want to go and wander around in the city, it’s not a problem!
Great experience all together!


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