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Come to help our eco-art-yoga project, rest and renew in a quieter and greener side of Olon. Stay in our picturesque eco-bamboo house. The house is based on traditional Ecuadorian architecture. It is just what you need to feel comfortable & peaceful and listen to the sounds of nature including the ocean. Our eco-bamboo home is nestled on the hills and overlooks beautiful green surroundings and mountains. It is located minutes from town but feels miles and miles apart.

Here you will feel at home and as if you were in the countryside. The views from your balcony and windows are green fields, mountains, horses, and the ocean. Strategically located less than 20 minutes walk from the beach, our property is nestled in the mountains and has breathtaking views. This house gives you the perfect balance between the coast and the countryside of Olon.

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United States


The Cacau yoga, arts, and eco lodge is nothing short of incredible. Words can never do this special place justice, but I can say without doubt that this was the most immersive and enriching experience I’ve ever had. From connecting with the energetic frequencies of nature to immersing in local culture, this experience has left a profound impact on me and the way that I view the world. I cannot recommend Suria and this project enough!

about 2 months ago



Suria is good and has apermaculture house. I think communication about the house should be provided by her befor
There was no no running water for things like washing hands in the house I was staying in and no washing machine.
There is a separate hut with running water and toilet but it’s use is for Airbnb guests, I was only allowed to take showers there. The toilet for volunteers is a dry one, made out of a bucket/leaves.
These things could be explained before getting to the house, for alignment. I got a neck pain from the mattress and decided to leave 5 days before, it didnt work for me

3 months ago

Suria replied

I am so sorry that you had such a hard time with the dry compost and the rain water catchment system I personally use at my house. None of the other 12 volunteers that stayed with me had any problems about it and had a great time here. They all understood that this is an ecohose and we do all we can to live on harmony with nature. Good luck with everything.

United Kingdom


Suria has a beautiful home, set within the lush hills of Olon. You have the opportunity to tune into nature ans enjoy the sights and sounds.

Through the daily tasks Suria provides knowledge and insight into the surroundings.

Highly recommend!

3 months ago



Being at Suria’s place was a great experience. Overall, I learned about permaculture and what it takes to keep the land healthy. I've also learned a lot about how construction workers build houses around here.

Suria was not present during my stay, but she made herself available to make any calls necessary in case of any doubt. Moreover, Margaux was around to help me and guide me through my tasks.

I want to thank Suria for this opportunity and Margaux for her dedication, and kindness from day one.

Ólon it's indeed a beautiful small village full of big-hearted people.

7 months ago

United States


I loved my experience with Suria. She is such a sweet person and was truly great to be around. I was able to learn about sustainable living and gardening through the work we did. Her house is beautiful and so peaceful, just a 5 min bike ride to the town/ beach. I had space to do lots of yoga and to reconnect with nature and myself. The town of Olon is perfect, and Suria also has a nice kitchen where you can cook. Suria made me feel very comfortable and opened her life & home up to me. Be prepared to work in the garden outside and to do house work. Overall, I was very happy here!

10 months ago

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