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We are C.A.G.S( International School ) which was found in 2020. We are a private school and we also do charity work for our community by providing children who are disabled,
orphan or struggle with poverty with very cheap General English Program and Computer education fees. And we also have National Curriculum(NC),International Curriculum(IC), Chinese, Thai languages, and other skills ...

We are looking for international volunteers who are willing to share with us the work experience in the countryside and want meet different people with a different lifestyle. It's not luxury here because we live in the rural area, but you will feel the fresh air, get to see a lot of rice fields, the sunrise and the sunset everyday and a lot of friendly faces. You will learn how to live as an ordinary people and see how the poverty affects their lifestyle but not their happiness.

In Cambodia poor children are not educated or don't get proper training so most of them know nothing about English or Computers. They are really different from the children in the city and we want to try to equalize their opportunities for the future.
I hope you feel what I'm trying to say. And if you do, I think you should come here. You should come to this place where most people think it's difficult or feel outside of their comfort zone. Rich and poor are so different. Do you want to know how they look like? What do they eat and wear? How do they sleep? And how sorrow and happy they are?

You will learn a lot from them and everyone will love and like you a lot because they rarely see foreigners. You will feel loved and taken care of love. Don't worry about room, meals and more. We want our volunteers to feel happy with our community so we always try our best to make you feel at home even though it's countryside :).

❤️❤️Big love from Cambodia❤️❤️

We treat our volunteers as our family and friends. You will be part of our family. The volunteers are so special for us because they come here to help the children in our community to have a brighter future, and that's something we'll forever be grateful for.


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Costa Rica


I had a great time working with the children of the school. Although I must admit that children can be more difficult to manage in an educational environment. Also, the groups have between 15-20 kids, which adds up to the challenge. I couldn't stay as long as I would've liked, but I believe that after the first week you'll be able to get better at working with the kids. Mr. Luch is an amazing and caring host.

about 1 month ago



This was an amazing experience. I read all the reviews saying bad things about the stay or the food. But that’s not what matters! The experience was incredible! You work with kids from Monday to Friday from 7:30 until 4:30, you have a book if you need help. In the morning I was giving class on my own (very easy: days, months of the year) and afternoon I was assisting a local teacher. Kids have between 3 to 13 years old. It was really nice !
Stay at the mad monkey hostel if you prefer, it’s 6$, there’s a pool and you are 30min away from school. If you stay at Luch just bring mosquitoes spray.

8 months ago

United Kingdom


We wished we could have stayed longer! We were warmly welcomed by luch, his lovely family and the people who worked at the school. The children at the school are bundles of joy and are so enjoyable to be around! We enjoyed lots of local food which was good, although it can be a bit repetitive. We had a comfortable room within the school, although the amenities are basic, it is all part of the cultural experience of living within a rural community. Overall it is a deserving school who are very much in need of volunteer help!

8 months ago



My bf and I stayed for 9 days. We were supposed to stay for 2 weeks, but there was a public holiday for a week. It wasn’t communicated to us beforehand, so we left our work early.
We slept at Luch’s home in the living room with a half curtain for ‘privacy’. (Don’t sleep at school!) The family is sweet, but their English is minimal & no punctuality. There isn’t much to do in the area, but the home-food was tasty (a bit repetitive)
We were taken out on a fantastic tour by Luch! Teaching was disorganized with 0 plan:( Overall an educational experience to indulge and learn about local life. Thx!

11 months ago



I was received very affectionately by Luch, who provided me with a dinner with his lovely family. Children are very cute and love to interact with us foreigners. Regarding the stay conditions are very precarious. The dormitory is in a wooden box inside the school, with few privacy, without access to the kitchen, refrigerator, water... The school area also does not have markets, which also makes it difficult to purchase food or drinks. Beyond that, the bathroom didn't have shower and is far from the bedroom.

11 months ago

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