Capitan Uzcanga Foundation

Our foundation offers you security, comfort and logistics in the journey of all the hosts in our country. Our foundation has agreements with different hosts in tourist places in our country, therefore you can constantly change the host whenever you want regarding the existing availability at the time of the request. The volunteer of our foundation exchanges 30 hours of active participation in learning between the host and the community, receiving lodging and meals. We want our foundation to give you freedom, comfort and security for your well-being in our country Our Participation for the disbursement will be called Volunteer Points and we will use the colors of the Chakras, around the towns in the following way: White Points: participating colleges, institutes and foundations. Purple Points: Development of Volunteer skills as Craft Projects. Blue Points: home gardens, agricultural and rotating inventories. Green Points: Ecological Principle, Maintenance of Beaches, Rivers and Mountains. Yellow Points: Community Hosts. Orange Points: Priority Hosts. Red Points: FCU Points, the Foundation's own activity in favor of the Community. We offer you the best events and programs for the tour of all tourist sites regardless of the time or stay selected.

Our honor is to represent the volunteer service for their participation in our foundation as a principle par excellence. For this reason, we invite you to send us an email with all the information about your participation: Time of your participation, qualities and skills you have, tastes and any dream, visit or adventure so that we can send you all the information about the hosts and possibilities. [email protected] We have all the logistics services for the hosts and volunteers in our social project.


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