We're located between Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra - the big three centers of tourism in the area - and close to the train station and transportation to all these places. Even if we're close to all these we still are in a very quiet and secluded zone, close to the Carcavelos beach, as well as a number of other world-renowned surf spots, all year-round outdoor activities and a unique cultural offer in Europe.

The volunteers will be placed in a team with prior experience in the function, and will be asked to shadow their team-mates for the first days of the schedule. Aside from that, the hostel manager is permanently available and willing to help with directions and answering questions, this way we make sure our volunteers feel integrated and motivated.

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Foi a minha primeira experiência no Worldpackers, Eu cheguei ao hostel e fui muito bem recebido por todos os voluntários. O gerente do hostel foi muito bom, apresentou a escala de trabalho flexível para os voluntários trocarem os dias de serviços, conforme suas necessidades. Estar no Help Yourself Hostels Carcavelos foi uma grande experiência de vida onde tive a oportunidade de criar novas amizades que levarei para a vida.

about 1 month ago


Uma experiência maravilhosa

about 2 months ago


A experiência foi maravilhosa, eu fui recebida super bem, os horários e o trabalho são realmente muito bons . A única coisa que eu não gostei foram as acomodações pois no app fala que seria um quarto da equipe e na verdade é um quarto com 20 pessoas dividido entre hospedes e staff, as fotos que tem são na verdade de suítes para os hospedes, fora isso não poderia pensar num lugar melhor para minha primeira experiência.

4 months ago


It was an amazing experience! I learned so much about working in a hostel, about myself, and also about things that will help me in may everyday life! I met amazing people, and the team was great. They explained me the things I had to do and they helped me if I needed it. Pedro, the manager, is really sweet and undesrtanding, he always there if I needed something or if I just wanted to chat. I'm glad my first experience with worldpackers was in this hostel and I hope to go back soon!

5 months ago


I stayed at the Parede hostel. Work was fair and you have plenty of time to explore Lisbon. The hostel is close to a few beaches and is in a really chilled area. The best part was working with the other volunteers (who were mainly from Brazil) - it was like a family! Glad to have met everyone that worked with me and thank you Ana for taking me on board!
Obrigado e até breve!

5 months ago

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