CARE - Collective of Animal Rescuers in Essaouira

The work you will be doing here, will benefit many souls. If you are looking for a fun, loving and exciting time in Morocco and also want to leave your good vibes behind, this is the place for you!

We are very welcoming to all who treat our animals with love and respect. There is a strong family feeling here every time we receive wonderful volunteers.


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This was my first Worldpackers experience and it couldn’t have been better. The tasks were pretty relaxed and the dogs are super cute, so caring for them is more fun than work :)

I had my own room on the 1st floor which I shared with the cats, perfect if you like some nighttime cuddles. I really appreciated Halima‘s advice on what to do and where to travel on my days off. She helped me to make the most out of my time in Morocco, thank you!

I had an amazing time, it felt like a home away from home. I want to come back already!

3 months ago



Fue una experiencia maravillosa.
Lo que hacen en el refugio es increíble, se preocupan por los animales y no solo los cuidan si no que tb intentan generar conciencia sobre la tenencia responsable.
En cuanto al lugar en si, es muy lindo y cómodo, Halima hizo todo por hacerme sentir cómoda y a gusto, además la comida era exquisita.
El refugio no queda en la ciudad de Essauira misma, es al interior por lo que se siente mucha paz y tranquilidad… quede con muchas ganas de volver, no lo descarto en absoluto.

4 months ago



This was such a great experience, Halima is super nice and chill. The tasks are very easy and you have a lot of free time, the house is very comfortable and full of animals which I found lovely. Also the food was extraordinary.
I’m super grateful for this experience🧡

5 months ago



Ha sido mi primera experiencia con woldpackers y ha sido genial!!
¡Halima es una anfitriona excelente! me ha gustado mucho haber compartido este tiempo con ella (y vivir rodeada de animales, pasear por los alrededores...) ¡una pena no haber conocido a Henry!
He podido ver cómo cuidan de los animales y el esfuerzo que ponen para que tengan una vida mejor. Aunque la situación no ha sido la ideal a causa del covid (normalmente hay más voluntarios allí) he podido colaborar un poquito con este trabajo tan bonito y necesario que Halima y Henry llevan a cabo.
¡Muy, muy recomendable!

over 1 year ago



Experiência incrível

almost 2 years ago

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