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We want to open the minds of our people, interacting with foreign people who recognize that the world is very big, love to travel, help and learn new languages. The objective of our project is cultural exchanges with local people, we are also surrounded by some indigenous tribes with whom we carry out recreational learning activities, the only language required is basic English as we try to develop all our programs in this language. For meaningful learning, if you don't speak Spanish no problem, and if you are looking to learn or practice your Spanish, this is the place you were looking for! 😊

Main workplace: Municipal Library of the town (this is a non-profit public project)

Required age: 18 to 45 years

We request the following requirements in protocol order:
- CV
- Passport
- Interview by video call (set date)
- International insurance (not mandatory)
Note: International insurance is not mandatory for us, but it will be a great help if you get sick as you will not be financially responsible.


Weather: Hot (even if it is hot weather, remember that you are going to play a role as a teacher, so dress well, no shorts and strappy or skeleton t-shirts, the personal image of our institution is important)
Fauna and Flora: Yes
Water Sources: Yes, with many well-known fish from our country.
The town is full of trees and fauna, such as capybaras, monkeys of different species, many birds and parrots of different species, opossums, horses, cows, bats, anteaters, owls, among others. We hope they don't get scared since they walk through the streets as if nothing had happened and no one hunts them 😊

July (Female 25 years old)
Position: Academic coordinator
English level: intermediate
Personality: happy and fun, smiling and full of energy.
she will be your immediate boss

Joe (Male 32 years old)
Position: Library Director
English level: beginner
Personality: Cheerful, energetic, competitive in games, a bit of a joker.

Here you can describe the help you are requesting.

Working hours:
5 to 6 hours a day
4/5 days a week

Class groups:
children to adults.
Please sweep the room before and after each class, your support will be July, she will try to be with you in all classes, supervising, her job is not to be 100% in each class, she has more duties in the library

Do not scold the children if you have any behavioral problems call your immediate boss (July)

Spanish is not required, children must use a translator and make an effort to communicate with you, so don't worry if you don't speak Spanish

A double bed, a nightstand, a wardrobe and a mattress on the floor, you will have to agree with the other volunteers, for this reason we can only have a maximum of 3 volunteers (a couple and a single person) there is a leak . in the room, then we have to change the entire ceiling, which is very expensive and at the moment we don't have it. A shared bathroom for volunteers and the kitchen is a common area.

The cost that volunteers pay weekly is $20,000 COP for the washing service, you only have to pay it as many times as you need the service since the washing machine consumes: Gas, Water and Energy.

You can come and go whenever you want, do not lose the keys to the apartment, if you lose them you will have to pay the value of $20,000 COP

You must help do the weekly household shopping, July works and studies at university at the same time, shopping is done on Sundays or Mondays.

Note: We have an agreement with tourist companies so we get some activities at a lower price for the public, we have our own transportation (car so on weekends we go out to do this type of activity or visit another city, if you like to go with we are welcome (we do not charge transportation over reasonable distances, we love to have fun with volunteers) 😊

I (july) study foreign languages to be a teacher and study tourism and business management, Joe is a social communicator and journalist, and a music teacher :) the kitchen is available 24 hours, we have 2 bathrooms and a functional shower, the classes are from Monday to Thursday, we reserve the weekends for tourism and recreation, your job will be to support me in the classes and prepare them, and of course after each class , sweep a little for the next day :)


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United Kingdom


This was a really great experience. July is very welcoming and encouraged me to be part of the local community. It is rewarding seeing the progress of the students and July helps with teaching and classes. Puerto Lopez is a very close community and the students really appreciate the teachers. I would definitely recommend this experience.

5 months ago



It was great to teach, the kids were very nice and July is very helpful and there for you. She checks on you and is spending some quality time with you. Only thing was that the kitchen was often dirty, but overall, a very good and beautiful experience!

6 months ago



We spent very nice 5 weeks here ! There wasn't much guidance so we prepared everything for the classes ourselves which gave us a lot of freedom but was challenging at times. It was very rewarding to teach everyone.
July and Joe were very kind and showed us around the area :)
It's a relaxed town to be in and we feel like we've truly contributed to the community!
We found this page to be slightly inaccurate, eg we slept in a private room and not a dorm which was great! However, the laundry wasn't free and we worked more than 18h. I would recommend to discuss all the details with the hosts.

7 months ago

United Kingdom


The teaching aspect was amazing. Watching the progress of the students was really cool, knowing you’d made that impact. The younger clases are a handful but very enjoyable. The older classes bring something more. Will miss them!

However, a lack of communication was present throughout. You will be left alone with the classes ASAP and if you don’t speak any Spanish may be difficult. Barely basic food is provided considering all meals are advertised. No mosquito net on the bed or a small fan is provided. Wouldn’t recommend going alone, can be isolating.

8 months ago



In terms of the work, it was very enriching to work with the children and to see their evolution because we have several times a week the class with them. The adult classes are also great because they can give us other values and other feelings that the children don’t have.

July and Joe have been respectful of our private life and have asked us many times to go out in the evening to spend some quality time together.

As for the house, they are under construction so there are some inconveniences, specially on rainy days. This should be solved in the new few weeks.

Thank you for everythin

about 1 year ago

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