Casa da Cabaza

If you are looking to escape life in the city and you need some time to reconnect to nature this is the perfect place for you. If you have a project you would like to complete, or maybe you're writing a book or finishing a thesis or you may just need focus time... our place offers peace and tranquillity in nature and allows you lots of time for yourself.

Please note we can't assist with obtaining a visa for Europe.

We are a multi-cultural couple who prior to 10 years in Spain lived in Holland, England, Sweden, Dubai and Jordan. Our respective professional backgrounds are in hospitality and business-development, and in photography, print-making and art. These are activities which we are still very involved with. We have a family of 2 Saluki dogs, 2 Arabian horses and 3 farm cats. We also keep free-ranging hens. We believe in a natural and holistic approach to all things. Our horses are barefoot, kept outdoors with 24/7 forage and access to shelter. Our organic vegetable garden and fruit and nut trees are managed according to permaculture principles. Our diets and our attitudes towards life and the environment are healthy and respectful.


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My time at Casa da Cabaza was truly an amazing experience and opportunity. I am beyond grateful to Tariq & Siets for such a warm welcome and treating me as one of their own. I truly enjoyed the peacefulness and calm environment to unwind from everyday life.
The work was very enjoyable, always well explained to me and they were also really flexible with working hours.
The accomodation was cozy and comfortable allowing me to have time on my own and to work on my personal projects. Most of all, I am so thankful for all the things I learned during the time I spent in this beautiful place.

4 months ago



This experience was incredible. Tariq and Siets were incredibly kind and welcoming. Casa de Cabazas was such a beautiful place to unwind and reconnect with nature. I absolutely loved working with the animals which I fell in love with. I learned so many things there that I know I will carry with me for a very long time. The work load was very simple and rewarding and I had time to catch up on my reading, reflecting and decompressing. The room was very spacious and comfortable, and I felt like they were always very attentive. I would have stayed longer if I could. Thank you so much!!

7 months ago

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