Casa de Valdeira

the place is around 10 acres of land, with some old buildings of an old farm, surrounded by hills, fields and woods of different kind of vegetation. The landscape is beautiful, ideal for retreats and meditation. Volunteers can feel useful in making this place more comfortable and ecologic, with a bio orchard and fruit trees. The place is near Porto (by train 30 min., by car 20 min), and other beautiful small towns, like Amarante, Aveiro, Vila do Conde... there is a river with a beautiful waterfall, a place that invites to meditation.. as many other small things in the farm. So you have citty and countryside in one.

I have recently become the owner of this old farm from my grand father and have to make an interesting place for retreats out of it. The objective is to make an ecologic unit, adequate also for workshops and other events. I am professor at the University of Porto (Linguistics and Intercultural communication), 62 years old, I have lived 20 years abroad, in Germany. My parents are still around and visit th e farm quite often, the same whith my son and daughter, who live in Germany.

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