Casita de Campo - ABLA Ibiza

Oh! my casita is super cozy. You will stay in my guest double ensuite bedroom in the north of Ibiza surrounded by nature. You can enjoy the whole house, from the living room with fireplace and fully equipped kitchen to the garden with a backyard gym and yoga area. I´m telling you, you´ll love it here! I´m into healthy living and when I´m not teaching around the island, I love running & cycling around the house or cook some yummy healthy food. But hey! I´m also down for a cool beer at the end of a long day. Now during the offseason is the best time to discover Ibiza. The weather is amazing, there is still a great vibe on the island, there are lots of places to go visit and things to do during the weekends. When we´re not working at home, I´d be super happy to help you point out what´s good to do that day, and if we are both free, we could even go together.

I spend most of the day out of the house helping the international community of Ibiza feel comfortable living & working on the island by teaching them Spanish either privately or in small groups. Currently, I´m really focused on getting a couple of projects related to my language company off the ground to continue exploring new possibilities and opportunities. I´m pretty chilled and easygoing and I enjoy working with similar people. After working out a plan of action, deadlines and goals, I like giving people space to work & manage themselves. I´m all about being open, having good communication and of course, having fun working!

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