CCCE (Center for Cross Culture Exchange)

What we can promise to our dear coming volunteers is a first-hand Moroccan life experience around 'Souk' in the lively vibes of a small Moroccan town situated in a strategic region of the country. Every detail of the Moroccan architecture, cuisine and culture in general will be stand out to you dear volunteer as you intend to genuinely come and learn about us. Volunteers we had over the past years had these small memories like watching the crowded streets by night and having late night conversations by the roof in such a cozy weather. Volunteers are gonna love both the experience of traditional cooking in a typical Moroccan home setting and the taste of every meal. Living with a host family is the best way to discover all of the above mentioned. When learning about the culture and Darija (Moroccan Arabic) surely the host family and the NGO members will be the best people to approach. At last, We also promise that your stay in Karia, Sale and our NGO will enable you represent your culture at its finest in such a small town being an ambassador.

Our NGO has started about 5 years ago when we started small then until we got bigger over time by of course the great help of our volunteers that really come and contribute to the underprivileged and forgotten 'Karia' and its youth here in Sale. Our staff consists of a president; Mr Badr, the operating head of the locale of the NGO; Mr Nabil, and Mr Abdelhek; the responsible for the English Language program. Myself (Azeddine) a board member in charge of the coordination of the volunteers plans with the NGO's and one of the writers. We had volunteers over the past five years, that says we have had so many volunteers that came from very different parts of the world. All of these volunteers have made their experience special, both for them and for us, because we can almost remember each one of them. The homestay with a Moroccan family here are the volunteers' favorite, since they get to learn and share a lot in a daily life routine which different from theirs. Volunteers here receive the necessary care and respect for coming to contribute to our NGO project. Volunteers get to be tour guided and taken care of recommending anything that saves their budget and also that will make them make the most of their experience here. We are welcoming open-minded people who are willing to share with us their life experiences and knowledge that helps builds up to the acquired knowledge of the NGO beneficiaries, the forgotten youth of Karia. Many different languages have been taught in our NGO, like English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German plus Turkish and Korean. So we are open to lots of different people and cultures to learn from, because our NGO beneficiaries have a lot of interest in learning languages and growing mindful of others' cultures.

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