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Our programs focus on education, social integration, and personal, family and community development. CCHD has developed contacts throughout Vietnam where help and education are not only needed, but deeply desired. Volunteers who team-up with CCHD will be provided with all the necessary support they need as they provide life-changing services to the Vietnamese people. It is our belief that volunteers who share the same passion for learning, the same enthusiasm for genuine care and the same willingness to share will most likely relish their experience as a volunteer of our organization.

Center for Cooperation and Human Development (CCHD) is a registered Vietnamese non–government organization (NGO), growing to become one of the leading volunteer travel organizations in Vietnam, allowing volunteers to travel, and at the same time, make a positive change in the communities they visit. CCHD also offers a safe and friendly environment that fosters friendships and promotes individual development. Our volunteers are highly valued and that value is shown in the respect and genuine care we express to those volunteers who partner with us. At CCHD, volunteers are treated like an important part of our family!


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Dung and his family are nice, kind and generous people. All of them and the other volunteers made my experience great in Hanoi. The family have this huge ability to help and a big heart. They were amazing with me since the first day and it made me feel comfortable. I enjoyed my work, it was challenging and I liked my classes with the kids (3 to 14 years old). I guess the project needs to be more organized (sometimes) but it worked well for me. I was able to relax and have free time to do my own things. Although the cold weather, I felt at home all the time and I had a lot of fun! Best wishes!

over 4 years ago



Mr Dung and his family are really nice. They help ou if you need help for anything
However it is really deseorganised.
You don't have a schedule. You are alone for the class. You don't know how many student you have , what was the last lesson...
Sometimes I supposed to work at 9 and I received a message at 11 he will not come.
I think Yepvin need to be really more organise.

over 4 years ago



I wouldn't repeat until they don't show any interest in organise the tasks properly and give you clear information

over 4 years ago



Don't go.This is not an honest organisation. I feel used, cheated,sad and angry.
The children in here are paying for the english classes, not the kind of NGO you have in your mind. I know this bec an assitant for the classes told me. In my application it was said that the classes were free for the children,but in the other programs that Dung has, it is said that maybe they pay a little, so it is not clear at all because I signed that they don't pay. Maybe the family is not taking profit of this money, but I don't believe that, we will need to do a research to be sure. Write to me to know more

almost 5 years ago

CCHD replied

Thank you for your time.If you don't want to be volunteer in our organization, you can talk to us and leave here soon. Don't use free accommodation and foods,... Other people needs that. Good luck to you!



Very good experience! The house is comfortable, good food and people are very friendly. You can meet volunteers from all over the world and sharing many experiences with them. You also can visit different places of the north of Vietnam in your free days. Sometimes it can be a bit disorganized but I'm sure that with the new ideas it could be better. I definitely recommend it!

almost 5 years ago

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