Chase The Wild Goose Hostel

Our hostel is located near Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK, in the heart of the Sottish Highlands. We are friendly people and our guests are many and of various nationalities and backgrounds, but most are enthusiastic about meeting people and enjoying the Great Outdoors, for walking, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking and touring.

Our hostel is a very comfortable, relaxed and friendly place to be. There's hard work to be done, but the reward is to stay in a peaceful place for a while, meeting new friends, with lots of time off to explore.

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This disheveled Australian arrived at 'Chase the Wild Goose' with ambitions to have a wee gander (proud goose pun) at the renowned Scottish Highlands - I leave having made a comfortable nest (that's it I swear...)

Daniel and Jo, ahhh, where to start? The obvious point of commencement is their overwhelming level of genuine kindness. A mutual love of videogames was severed with a conversational side of travelling and a big dollop of random facts; we talked and laughed for hours on end!

The work is easy and the facilities are top notch! Come join this WONDERFUL family, you won't regret it!

about 2 months ago

United States

Great little hostel in the highlands. The mangers Jo and Daniel are great. Simple tasks, mainly house keeping (laundry, bed rooms, and bathrooms). If you speak English you might end up on a morning reception shift, which is to be around in case a guest needs you and to start the laundry. You work about 3 hours a day, so you get tons of time to explore. Became another home, can't wait to go back to visit.

3 months ago


Jo and Daniel are like family for me now!
The tasks are easy, and everyone help each other.
Everyday they tell you what you need to do. Bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry, kitchen or reception.

This was my first experience with worldpackers, and if all hosts will be like them... well, so I am relieve with my next experiences!

I want back soon ♡

4 months ago


Amazing! This was my first experience on Worldpackers and was unforgettable. The landscapes are surreal and the hostel is really comfortable, you feel at home. Daniel and Jo are super friendly and happy. The work is not too hard and you have a lot of time free to enjoy the highlands, to study, to talk and improve your English with others. For me 1 month wasn`t enough time to explore all this stunning place. If you look for a peaceful atmosphere, with amazing people you should go. No words to describe my gratitude to Daniel and Jo for allowing me to live that. =)

7 months ago


I really had an excellent experience, I recommend to everyone that can go

about 1 year ago

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