Chateau de Saint Etienne de Sermentin

If you are looking for some unforgettable experiences that money can't buy, join us!

We live in the middle of nature, at the outskirts of a village. We are mostly busy with restoring an old castle, practicing regenerative agriculture and teaching blacksmithing (professional level).
Besides work, there are plenty of beautiful places to hike to, cycle or kayaking down the river Ceze. Every weekend we organize discovery trips for our volunteers or participating in cultural events, depending on your interest and the weather.
You can gain experience in several crafts: masonry, gardening, woodworking, agriculture and forging, depending of course of our actual tasks.
To our guests & volunteers we usually offer to partially participate in our blacksmithing courses as a bonus.
We are relatively new on the worldpackers platform but we have been hosting volunteers for the last 21 years, see can see the dozens of 5 stars feedback on Workaway

You'll be a part of our team, we'll teach you all you need to know and more. We are a small team of teachers, secretaries, accountant, saleswomen, handymen devoted to our ongoing projects.


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The stay was in a cabin in a piece of land 20 km away from the Chateau. The place is big and surrounded by beautiful nature. You should expect simple but good accommodation. Shraga was supportive when it came to being comfortable in the place and showing me around. However, I found trouble finding his support sometimes during work. I believe he's a special way of communicating things that the volunteers didn't like. The food was also not as I expected. The idea was to send a list and receive the food accordingly but that didn't work so ended up receiving money from them for groceries.

7 months ago



Thank you so much 🙏🏾 the hosts were very welcoming and made sure I was comfortable, had a private area and provided me with details about their town which really helped to relax into the town.
They were very informative, transparent, inclusive and constructive. They set an agreed time and ensured we had enough rests and breaks inbetween, they also switch up the tasks so that it’s not monotonous.
The host Einat educated me a lot about trees & nature, got me involved in planting. I travelled to other city with other volunteers during our break, the hosts were kind to pay for our transport.

12 months ago



La experiencia fué muy enriquecedora, quedé muy contento por todo lo aprendido en estas 3 semanas. Mejoré mi idioma inglés que era una inseguridad a la hora de venir a un país en el cual no se habla español y aprendí un poco de Francés. Las tareas son relativamente sencillas, algunos días trabajamos en cuestiones vinculadas a la naturaleza, otros días remodelando el castillo o con alguna tarea de limpieza dentro de la escuela de fragua, que por cierto también aprendí sobre eso. Shraga y Einat son 2 personas excelentes y empáticas, aprendí mucho de ellos y estoy agradecido. Recomiendo

12 months ago

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