The volunteers will enjoy free accommodation and food, and more than that in Pink City-Jaipur, "Hathroi Palace" is an oasis for backpackers, because of that its a great spot to meet more travelers. Hathroi Palace is in the middle of the city in a good peaceful neighborhood.

I am Ajeet, 28 years old, born and brought-up in Jaipur. We at Hathroi Palace are a team of young and passionate people who wanted to create a place for exchanging ideas, experience, music, culture between our fellow travelers from all over the world under one roof. We run Hathroi Palace like a family, all guests and our staff are like family members to us. So you will be like another member in our family.


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The experience was very good. The workers are local people, they helped me to understand their culture and traditions. Also they are very respectful.
The activities are simple and it gives you the opportunity to get out and see the city.

3 months ago

United Kingdom


Wouldn’t recommend. Our role was supposed to be social media, didn’t do anything related to that. Instead my travel partner had to learn admin by herself (very stressful) whereas I had to do manual work which one day included cleaning rotten trash off the street outside the hostel with no equipment.
We didn’t have a room most nights and had to sleep on the roof, we tried to reserve a room one night and Ajeet told me it was ‘inappropriate’ to do so unless we were paying for it.
Some positives are that the other staff were great (especially Roshan) and the hostel is a nice place to relax.

3 months ago



Volunteered at Chillout. Great food, great rooftop view. Often had a private room. Staff—Roshan, Deepika, Raj—were kind and nice, love them. However, faced task clarity issues and overwork. Signed up for 16 hrs/week doing social media, photography, videos, but did 5 hours a day cleaning, reception, and management. Owner Ajeet changed hours without updating profile. It was a lot of responsibility and very stressful. Some nights had to sleep at reception with no lock, felt unsafe. Profile promised dorm, but none available. Future volunteers: communicate clearly with owner for better experience.

4 months ago



Not recommended, host likes to treat bad to their staff as soon as he feels a little stressed, he doesn’t know how to handle a Hotel and his team.
Host expects you to work from 7am to 11pm, yes… 14 hours per day with a few minutes of lunch and dinner. His staff only has 1 day off every 2 weeks and they sleep in the basement with rats, unbelievable conditions, he is used to treat his team badly. I managed to achieved all tasks successfully, but I quit after 11 days when he refused to give me an empty room (one out of 4 non booked) with hot water during winter and cold days, MINIMUM conditions.

7 months ago

Ajeet Singh replied

Thank you for you're feedback Thomas.
We provided you with a delux room accomodation, all by yourself. Given you do not speak Hindi there are natural barriers with the other staff. If you had have come to me and talked about it, I'm sure we could have found a resolution. We always try to provide the best service and therefor welcome advice and complaints but you did not provide this while staying here. Here at Chillout we are providing an opportunity for disadvantaged locals and consistently educate our staff on best practise. Our staff are given 4 days off per month, since their family lives far they usually spend these days together.
I have run this very successful hotel for 7 years. Staff are not expected to work those hours, staff are simply asked to complete all of their tasks by the end of the day. You were given a simple task which you could not complete in 11 days.



From the moment I arrived in Chillout, I instantly felt the hospitality and kindness of Ajeet and all the other workers of the hotel. I had an amazing and unforgettable experience. Totally recommended;)

8 months ago

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